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kinda lost..

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i have a little problem..i have been around cats all my life and this kinda thing i have never seen..i have a 4yr old female cat that use to be a momma now that she is fixed she cant have the babies anymore..i also have a cat that is about to have kittens with in the next few weeks..the thing is the older cat will only chase the new momma cat around the house for no reason at all..and i have 7 cats all together and the older cat (cheif) is only chasing angel (the other cat who is preg) around...now i am not sure if that is showing who is boss or what..i really dont want to split them up...any ideas how i can solve this???
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I really can't offer much advice on that issue even though I have 8 cats myself, you might want to try the Behavior Forum and if that doesn't help I'm sure someone will be along at some point to help you out, just keep checking.. Hope you enjoy it here...
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IMO I'd separate the mom-to-be - its enough stress on her being pregnant and having kittens and she doesn't need another cat "attacking" her. For the peace of everyone, keep them separated.

The older one may be a bit jealous
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i may end up doing that cuz i dont want her to lose the babies...i am thinking about buying like a huge dog cage and putting angel in there until the kittens are born..that way she can still be around the other cats and they can see her...angel is very close to my other 2 cats and thats why really didnt want to put one or the other in a different room cuz they have someone they are close too...
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Splitting them up is exactly what you need to do. She needs a place to herself. A bedroom or laundry room ideally or spare room, but a large dog crate would work too. Also seperate any of your other cats that aren't spayed or neutered yet too. Don't want/need mroe babies!

good luck!
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i do not have any male cats in my house....if i did then i would be knee deep in kittens...i made sure all the cats were female before i fostered them cuz i cant afford to have a lot of kittens in my home..this was just one of those things that happens...
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