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Allergy question

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Since I have been triing different foods to find a good one that Karma will eat, I started to wonder about food allergies. I have read that soe peoples cats have food allergies. How did you figure it out? Do they get the same symptoms as humans with food allergies? I know for my DH, he is deathly allergic to all nuts including but not limited to sesame. His throut(sp?) closes and he stops breathing, full anafalactic shok. Is it the same for cats? What types of symptoms do I need to watch for?
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allergies to food arent run of the mill common in cats but they do happen

Zoey pulled out some hair and over groomed with hers .... my dog licked her paws and scratched her ears
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Itchy skin, scratching and hair loss seem to be the primary symptoms of food allergy. Here are two links that discuss food allergies.



Has Karma had any symptoms like this?
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No she has not had any symptoms like that. The thing that got me to ask was, I tried Wellness flavor chiken and salmon. Right after she ate it I heard her wheezing, turns out it was because she decided to perform the Indy 500 less than 2 minutes after eating, not a good idea for anyone human or animal. She did sound the way my DH does when he has an allergy attack. I have been there for a few and they are not fun. I don't sleep for at least 2 days because nut allergies can last that long and its hard to breath the whle time. Her weezing was the same thing my DH gets when he eats a nut so I freaked out a little. I just want to know what to watch for.
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i have a cat with asthma (my second cat with asthma!)

he is allergic to pollen, mold and a few other things, probably,
his asthma is mild and controlled with anti histimines right now but if it gets worse, he'll need other meds

the best thing for cat allergies and asthma is to avoid triggers as much as possible

food can aggravate asthma, and i would consider that the salmon may be the culprit as fish is high on the list of things that cats can be allergic to

But food can also be triggers for asthma. An allergic reaction can develop to foods that have been fed for years but the allergy may reveal itself with a sudden onset. Once an allergy has developed, the sensitivity to the ingredient may last a lifetime, so foods containing that ingredient will need to be left out of the diet permanently.

Wheat, gluten, milk, (and all dairy products) along with fish/tuna and the preservatives that are added to cat food are among the top triggers. " end QUOTE

here is a link to that article:

another great site about feline asthma is this one:

there is a short video clip of Fritz the cat having an asthma attack, that is how i learned that my boy had asthma, because he does not have the wheeze like my other asthmatic cat did

he coughs , and i was sure it was not hairballs! this video can show you what the difference is and how the cat even looks different with this cough

plus it looked like my boy had hiccups but it turns out that was his diaghram (SP?) pushing the trapped air out of his lungs

you're right, asthma attacks are scarey!! and they can be just as serious in cats.

i hope your kitty doesnt' have asthma but i'm sure you'll want to check into it and talk it over with your vet

good luck!!
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