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I was wondering if anyone who gives vaccines themselves would let me know exactly what they use what brands you suggest and where to get them.
I would also like ot know of any sites that ship out prescription meds. I have one but I would like to compare prices.
I would also like to know what you think is best for URI.
Thank-you for your help.
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I know Jeffers pet sells them (www.jefferspet.com) but limited availabilty in the ones you can buy in single or small amounts. They also only sell the combo vaccines which I don't give. Is there a reason you don't go to the vet for them? Just curious. My vet doesn't charge for an office visit for vaccines so long as he knows the animal is healthy, you just drop in and get it real quick.
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I just moved from san diego to a very small town with a limited amount of vets. The vet insists on charging the vet visit and I cannot find any clinics close enough to me. I also have 7 cats and figure the vet visit 25.00 times 7 every year plus the cost of the shot is too much.
I have previuosly worked with animals giving shots taking blood that sort of thing. I have just never realized how many different shots there are out there to choose from. Where I worked, had set shots for diffrent things I did not have to look them up. Now after looking at all of the choices I wanted some input.
Oh and two dogs to boot.
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here's a link for you

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Well that is understandable Denise! Good luck finding what you need.
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