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In need of some advice, Cat vomiting...

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Hi there!

Normally, I don't post too often on here...I usually do a search and find my questions answered, however, we're having some problems with Fatty today that I can't seem to find the answer for.

He's throw up on 4 occassions today (each time vomiting twice), the first two times in the morning had food, but the other two times this afternoon was just bile, and perhaps water. He seems to be acting normal, took a decent bowel movement this afternoon, and all in all, seems fine. Right now he's under the dining room table sleeping it off.

I'm not sure if I'm just being narotic, or a hypochondriac (sp?)...but I'm a little worried. It doesn't look like he got into anything, and doesn't go outdoors. Could he just have an upset stomach? Because he doesn't seem "sick", as I mentioned before. His eyes are bright, he has his usual mellow attitude, and doesn't seem warm to the touch, or lathargic, or anything. Just a little tired.

Is there anything I should do? Or just leave him be, and see how he is in the morning? I've left their dry food out, but haven't given him and Spliff their usual daily wet food or treats, as I don't want it to upset his little tummy further.

Sorry this is so long, and thank you in advance for any help!
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My biggest concern would be that he may be dehydrated from throwing up so much. There are lots of possible causes, such as getting into something he shouldn't (maybe look at your plants for chew marks) to medical issues. You can try giving him just a little chicken and boiled rice tonight instead of his normal food (I would take away the dry just in case) but if the vomiting continues at all tonight, definitely see a vet first thing in the morning. You may even want to call an ER vet and describe his symptoms to see whether he should come in sooner. The sites below list things to watch for, including how to check for dehydration.
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Thank you so much for the quick reply, and some great links!

He seems to be drinking alright, and I'll put away the dry food for the evening. I'll try some chicken and rice in the morning, that's a great idea!

Right now he just seems to want to relax under the table, but is very responsive to being called, noises he hears, and being pet. I think he's just exhausted from being sick all day. I've put a bowl of water close by, and I've seen him drink from it a few times now.

I'm just crossing my fingers it's nothing serious, and he'll be better in the morning. If not, I'll be calling our vet straight away!

Thanks again!
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Hopefully he is feeling better and had a good breakfast, he may have just been trying to get a hairball up that isn't quite ready.
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Just a quick update on Fatty:

He seemed somewhat more chipper this morning...juming up on the bed when my alarm goes off for our usual cuddle routine, but then as I got ready for work, he just laid on the carpet in the bathroom very quietly. (Normally at this time he's gotten his treats, and is chasing his friend Spliff around the house. Not today though.) I tried to give him some food, even some treats, but didn't want anything to do with it.

I arrived home from work around 2 in the afternoon, and spent 20 minutes searchng the house for him. I found him tucked deep behind a couch, and had to pull out the couch to get him. He was very lathargic, I'd pick him up, put him on my lap and he'd just sort of flop over. Or if I placed him on the floor, he'd take a few steps, then give up and lay down. Anyhow, I called our vet right away, and waited for my fiance to get home so we could take him in. The car ride was a nightmare for him...I had him in his collar and leash (he's petrified of the carrier), and he just yowled the whole way there. There was no consoling him. And THANK GOD I had him wrapped in a towel as well, because he had a little diahreha accident (which managed to still get all over my pants.)

The vet did her check up on him, he just laid there pathetically the whole time...that just broke my heart. He always tries to fight back, it was like he just gave up. He had xrays done, but they didn't show anything "obvious" obstructing him, or anyting caught in his throat, making him vomit. We were given some antibiotics to give him for the next 5 days. (she thinks it could be some gastro-virus) He also had fluid injected under his skin to keep him hydrated. If things arent better by tomorrow, I have to call her back to have bloodwork and all sorts of tests done on him. *sighs* I hate seeing him like this.

Anyhow, that's it for now...I'll update soon. Please, please, please...if you have any healing or get-well vibes to spare, we really could use them over here! Thanks...!
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I'm definitely sending you both lots of vibes. Get better soon, Fatty!
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Oh poor Fatty .......... Sending MEGA get well and feel better vibes to your sweetie boy Please keep us updated! How is Spliff handling Fatty being under the weather?
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Thank you all SO MUCH for your healing thoughts...! I think they really helped him out immensely!

Last night after I posted on here, I set him up all cozy in the spare bedroom, with his favourite blankie, toys and a few other comfort items of his. He was pretty out of it, but seemed much better then he was yesterday morning/afternoon. He still wouldn't eat anything, despite my trying to be persistant! So I said goodnight, gave him some love, and just let him be. I'm sure he was also tired from the whole vet ordeal, and just wanted to rest. So I headed off to bed for a very restless night's sleep.

This morning the alarm went off for my fiance at 5:30 am. As soon as Steve hit the snooze, all I could hear was Fatty meowing like mad and head butting the spare room door! (I kept it closed so Spliff wouldn't pester him) I don't think I ever ran so fast to let him out! He was all full of life, very alert, and almost "scolding" me for locking him up in there all alone. I managed to get him to eat about a tablespoon of wet food mixed with water, but I think he was more interested in finding Spliff to say "Look at me! I'm feeling better, brother!"

*big sigh of relief* I'm so relieved that he's doing better...he's still not 100%, but any improvement is fine with me! (and he's improved greatly from last night.) I'm almost glad I opted not to do more extensive testing on him, or have him drinking the liquid barrium to see if there was an obstruction in him, as well as being hooked to an IV, and kept over night at the emergency vet, where all this testing would have taken place. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that he will keep improving, and won't have to go through all that. (The money isn't my worry, but I don't want him having to go through all that for nothing!)

He was very excited and happy when I got in from work, and Steve managed to get a few more tablespoons of wet food/water mix into him, and he ate a few dry bits of food on his own. I'm lookig "forward" to this evening when we give him his pill!

You know you really love your cat when you giv up your birthday present (Trip to Toronto to see Evil Dead: The Musical), to pay for his health. I wouldn't have it any other way. $300.00 is nothing to me if I don't have him!

Sorry this update is so long...I tend to blabber on about nothing! Thank you all again for your help, love, vibes and support. It means so much to us!
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Oh! I forgot to mention Spliff...He was very helpful and quite concerned through all of this. Last night when I came in and couldn't find Fatty, he kept chittering at me and running downstairs, then back up. He did this a few times before I realized he was trying to show me Fatty's hiding spot.

Last night as I put Fatty in the spare room, he HAD to come in to give him kisses and head-butts, which is not normal for them...they're close, but not to the point of always being with eachother, but I could really tell he was concerned for him. And all last night he kept guard of the spare room door and slept in the hall with one arm under the door, as if to reassure Fatty he was there. It was darling...This really showed me how close and loving they can be to eachother.

Other then that, he was pretty "mopey", but I made sure to give him lots of extra love, and thank him for all his help with taking care of Fatty...!
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I'm so glad he's feeling better!
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I am so GLAD to hear that Fatty is on the mend! I will continue to keep him close in my thoughts. What a precious brother Spliff is, sleeping with his arm under the door, that is so sweet. It just goes to show that cats are capable of true love Continued thoughts for you too! Please keep us updated!
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That is good news. I hope Fatty keeps eating and will live up to his name
Good luck with giving him his pill tonight. If you search the forum, you will get some good advice on tips and tricks to get the job done.
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Just another quick update to let you all know that Fatty is doing great! He's been a good boy taking his pills...Had to do the quick squirt of water with a syringe, then throw the pill in at hyper-speed! Only took a few tries to actually get him to swallow it! Spliff seems to be happier now that his brother is doing well. Back to chasing eachother through the house like usual!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update, I've been really sick since Friday as well. Got the run around from the walk-in clinic here telling me I had a UTI, and put me on antibiotics and a bladder relaxing pill. I went to the hospital on Monday evening because my abdominal pain was just too much too handle, THEY said it was constipation, and NOT a UTI (urine came back clear), and gave me an enema and sent me home (after 5 hours!), the pain hasn't stopped so I went back to Emergency again last night, they did all sorts of tests, but still can't figure out why I have such horrible pain, so I go in for an ultra sound today to hopefully find out what it is. (Their best guess so far is that it may be a cyst) Wish me luck...! (sorry if this is off-topic!)

Again, thank you all for the support, and caring...Fatty and I really appreciate it!
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Oh Im sorry that you have been through all this back and forth trying to find out why you are having pain. Heres sending MEGA VIBES to you that they can find the source and that it is nothing serious! Please keep us updated!

Im glad to hear that Fatty keeps getting better and better and that Spliff is happy to have his brother back.
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