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Get assignment results sometime soon!!!

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Arghhhh I hate the suspense!! We're supposed to get them back sometime on the 15th Australian time, and it's now 10:40am on Friday the 15th in Australia and I keep checking the uni website constantly checking for my results.

All the assessment throughout the semester is worth 40% total, and I've done well so far, so if I do well in this assignment, I should be at about 35+% already, so just passing the final exam should get me a good mark overall.

I should be studying for the final exam next week, but can't concentrate - I have to keep checking the website...
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Oh that has got to be nervewracking! One of my good friend's senior year they had issues getting grades posted in time and she was really close to either passing or failing a class. Well they got preliminary grades out to them....and she passed. But then the final grades came out and she had failed! And it was a required class for her degree too. Talk about ups and downs there!
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I hate having to wait for results - it is so nerve racking!
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Garrr!!! We were supposed to get them Friday, then it became Monday, and now he's hoping to get 75% of them released on Tuesday, and the rest on Thursday! The exam is Friday so it'd be really nice to know a bit earlier how my current marks stand!
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I know how you feel! It took one professor the whole of spring term to get my winter term grade turned in. Now I am done with my bachelor's but cannot see the grades until the 21st of this month. So, I don't know if I will actually get that degree - though I am pretty darn sure. Waiting is torture!
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Woohoo got my results!!!

I got 95/100!!!!

I spent a LOT of time on this assignment and gave up on a few things at the end which is pretty much where I lost marks, but I was pretty pleased with how it looked.

There was 3 parts to the assignment, and on the last part which was creating a website with frame control, navigation and 3 different pages I got full marks!!!

I'm so excited... I've never got marks that high for... anything before I don't think!

Oh and the best part is that going into my final exam for the subject, I already have 38 out of a possible 40% (by my calculations) so far. So even if I only "just pass" the final exam I'll get a fairly good overall mark. I'm hoping to do well in the exam though...
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Congratulations (and great on knowing them before the exam too!)
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I so know what you're talking about though. When final grades are done for me, I can't even log into the Uni's web site for 2-3 days.
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Congrats - what a great score! I am sure you will ace the exam also! Good luck.
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