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Day out in San Francisco (pics)

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I spent most of Tuesday in San Francisco with a friend of DH's from uni who was visiting. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time! Here's some pics

Pier 39 watching the sea lions:

This poor little guy was not well He was lying out on a platoon thingy on his own away from all the other sea lions. When he moved, he barely moved his back half - usually they waddle along using their front and back fins. He was also REALLY skinny, and one of his vertebrae looked like it had a big lump on it, so not sure what he's done, but I don't think he'll survive much longer

More (healthier) ones

These 2 were so cute! The little was just sprawled out on the big guy, and they were pretty content with it all

And we did a fishing boat tour out under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz which was really nice. I really like the bridge

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Great pics! Was the water a bit rough or are those waves from the boat?
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Oh that skinny little pup, isnt there anyone to call to help him?

The rest of the pics are gorgeous.
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nice, pics, san fran, is one city that i have never had the chance to see yet.
i would like to get time, to visit there someday
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Those are gorgeous photos, the waters look so rough!!
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Nice pics! The sea lions are so cute!
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growinh up in the Bay Area (across from San Francisco), I can tell you those waters under the GG bridge are pretty much always like that... in the winter they're worse... calm does not describe those waters...

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Yeah it was a little rough around the bridge - there was heaps of windsurfers and kitesurfers out there playing in the waves.

And I think with the sick/injured sea lion they just leave them be for nature to take its course.

When we were at the Great Barrier Reef last year, a turtle got stuck behind some rocks after laying her eggs, but they wouldn't do anything because it was their policy to not interfere with the wildlife. Poor thing ended up dying, and eventualy floated out to sea, but as they said - that's how nature takes its course - the sharks and other meat eaters would feed off it, because that's what they need to survive.
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Great pics.

That poor little sea lion was probably hit by a boat!

Glad you had a great time!
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I love the sea lions
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