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Anyone else use ICQ? My number is 6526253. I just FINALLY got it re-installed
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ewww icq is horrible. lol I haven't had that for a while.

I just stick to AIM and MSN
Not as much of a memory hog.
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I can't stand MSN, and if I get on AIM then my mother can find me. I much prefer ICQ!
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ICQ is a very good instant messager (IM). I used to use it alot but also found it sucked alot of memory. Then I found ICQ Lite, it's ICQ on the web and it opens in a browser window. If you still have your old ICQ number and password then you can access your ICQ details from any PC in the world.

ICQ Lite
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I have an AIM account and an MSN account, both user names are JEFF24GIRL. I use Trillian for Instant Messenging though, as it allows you to communicate with users of all IM applications.

Here is the link if you'd like to download Trillian and try it.

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I can;t find anyone on ICQ who likes cats.Anyone here have it?
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I do. My number is 6526253 I am on as Myste.
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I do too. Here is my number: 147162623
Talk to you soon!
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Me 3 !! My nr is 153968145 , and my name there is my real name , Lut ! (ps , I am from 1956 !!)
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Well we used to have ICQ at home, I thought it was pretty good, but then we started getting messages from people we didn't even know!?!? Not sure how that happened, some of them were foul so we got rid ofit, now we have AIM at home and I have MSN at work, both are good for me!
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Best bet with ICQ is to set it up to prevent people contacting you unless you request them too. Then all they can do is send a request for you to talk with them.


My ICQ is 122152177 - I use ICQ lite, so I'm rarely on. I got a little sick of how mixed up messages get sometimes.
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I used to use trillain but I uninstalled it, it caused too many problems, but now I just use MSN and yahoo, I only use my icq if I want to send my family a text message.
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I have MSN, Yahoo & AOL instant messengers, but use Yahoo the most.
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Well I'll just add me, cause I forgot! And anyone is welcome to message me, since I'm almost always at my computer!!

AIM: AsukaKattzu
MSN: u_mosh@hotmail.com

I like AIM and MSN, because there is no database that some stranger or stalker can search through to find you picked out of random people like a phone book (Or white pages if you will.) which is exactly what ICQ has, I had more strange people messaging me from like Jordan and Turkey wanting sex, then I had of my friends!

So in short, MSN and AIM provide or privacy, a person HAS to know details about you to find you, and even then you can use a fake name and another email address and they'll never know who you are.
And there is always the ability to BLOCK someone so they can't see you online.

Don't worry I have to hide from my father, like you do your mum.
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Trillian 0.74
IM client for AOL, MSN, ICQ, IRC ,Yahoo


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We currently have 2 ICQ threads going right now. One is started by Sherral and one by Myste. To avoid confusion I'm going to merge them together.
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