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When to shave a kitty?

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I'm wondering if we should shave down Smudgie. She's probably what I'd call medium hair. Definitely not smooth coated like the other two - her coat is REALLY thick and dense, and we're constantly brushing her, and every time, the cat brush is filled with her fur after just a few minutes of brushing. We can brush her multiple times a day every day and still fill the brush each time.

I wouldn't like to do a FULL lion cut type thing, I don't think that's necessary, but are there different levels of shaving? Like close shave, medium shave or anything like that?

Should I do it once and see if she likes it, or should I just wait and see how she handles the heat as we get further into summer?

Do you do it if they get listless, or just if they start panting? She's not lying in any of her favourite places - she's sticking to the linoleum floors where it's cooler.
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We have had Scully's fur thinned out before, when we first got him he was very matted but his skin was thin from rubbing on the floor and it was winter so we didn't want to go with the lion cut we got for Magnum in the summer.

They cut out any matted areas, and trimmed the fur all over and then thinned it out by cutting small areas all over and then cut back his fluffy britches and butt area so that the fur wasn't getting messed when he used the litter box.

It was more expensive than a shave but it did the trick and his fur grew back in better and is much easier to manage.

If they are going to shave, they get fairly close. Although lion cut isn't actually as close as it looks, Magnum's fur was still slightly shorter than Boomers but like a short hair (without feeling as silky as it doesn't lay against the skin the same). Saying that, a friend had his cat done and they shaved so close they nicked and burned the cat's skin.
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I have plenty of cat owners come into the salon wanting shaves, and very few actually get a lion cut. I too have a medium length cat with pretty dense fur, and it really helps her with the heat. They can get over heated as cats tolerate the hotness much less than dogs so if you see her start to pant thats not a good sign at all, and if she continues she could be close to a basic feline heat stroke.Yes there are many lengths they can shave/cut her. As with any groomer they all have about 30 different blades and are able to cut the hair in anyway that you would like. For my cat in summer months we get her cut down to about 1 1/2 inches all around and just have the sanitary shorter shave around her genitalia. Its basically what you would call the "puppy cut" just short and fuzzy but not buzzed or balding, its really cute and much easier to comb through. Ask any groomer for the style and they will know what you mean. Also a reason that you may be combing out so much fur, well all animals shed pretty heavy, as they are losing their winter coats, But as having thicker hair she'll have a denser undercoat and harder to comb out. What type of brush are you using? If it's a standard paddle brush "slicker" try switching to an undercoat rake and that may help or a use shedding blade after combing to get the most of dead hair off her coat. Hope the advice has been helpful, if you need anything else don't be hesitant to ask. Best of Luck with ya hun.
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I would only shave a cat if it gets matted severely and you can't manage it on your own.
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u View Post
I would only shave a cat if it gets matted severely and you can't manage it on your own.
I agree; shaving your kitten unless absolutely nessecary seems drastic.
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My parents shave my grandmothers cat every summer. We live in the south, and that is probably the only way that indoor/outdoor cat survives. He looks a little funny, and everyone who is involved has scratches, but he seems happier afterward. His hair is so long and so thick, it is almost impossible to manage.
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