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He's such a funny kitten

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Sammy is really cracking me up. He's a lap cat so whenever I sit at my desk he HAS to be on my lap. That's fine... but about a minute or two into it he just HAS to be on the floor So he jumps down through the opening in the chair arms...

But the instant his paws touch the floor he gets all upset that he's not in my lap... so he sits there staring at me and yelling until I pick him up again.

Repeat process... on and on and on and on....

What a strange boy he is!
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Yep, cats are weird!!!!
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haha, that's so cute!!!!! Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence...or chair as the case may be, hehe

Abby had me in giggles yesterday too. She was laying on the floor giving herself a face wash. Her left ear would fold back on itself so that it was inside out. She would then lay back and wash her paw contentedly, but when she turned her head her ear would suddenly unfold and startle her causing her to jump When she saw there was no danger, she would lay back down and resume washing her face and once again turn her ear inside out...and once again jump when it unfolded.

Silly kitty did that 3 times in a row before I think she realized what was going on, lol

I love to watch their antics. Some cats are so quirky.
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Sounds like he was just trying to get some exercise for the both of you...and bend and stretch and bend and stretch....
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