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Leo update (the stray I rescued)

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As you may remember, I had a stray kitty get into my feral TNR trap a couple of weeks ago. I got all his shots done, microchipped etc, and kept him about a week, and got him out into a "foster" home of someone who was thinking about adopting a second cat, and thought this would be a good way to "test drive" a cat

Leo was really shy, and hiding under the bed in her spare room constantly (like he did with us), but was super affectionate, and loved attention. He's still quite skittish, but is really starting to come out of his shell and his new meowmy "C" is completely in love with him. C said the other night she'd brought him downstairs and he actually jumped onto the couch next to her, and cuddled with her for a fair while, and was quite comfortable sitting on the couch snuggling

She has another cat Roxie who isn't too pleased with the newbie, and is taking time to accept Leo, but has only hissed at Leo and is doing that less often, and is getting used to him having the run of the house now as well. Roxie was acting quite aggressive toward C (Roxie was never a lap cat or much of a snuggler), but it calming down again as well toward C which is good.

C called me a couple of nights ago and unfortunately I was out, so she just left a message, and I called her back when I got home. She had been completely stressed out because she lost Leo. She'd let him have the run of the house for the first time while she was at work, and came home and couldn't find him anywhere, and searched the house high and low. Poor thing was soooooo upset, and searched all outside as well just in case he escaped, doorknocked her neighbours and even called all the local shelters and vets. Poor thing was almost beside herself. She was even holding Roxie's head up, and staring into her eyes and saying "where's Leo, what did you do with him, did you eat him??!!!?" She said Roxie was no help and just yawned at her.

Then she thought to check behind her washer and dryer which are stacked, and wondered if he got stuck behind there. So she called her neighbour over and got help moving them out, and sure enough, they little guy was stuck behind there! She's not positive if he was stuck or just hiding, but she thinks he managed to get stuck because it was so odd for him not to come out for food or anything for that long. He was fine, but scared himself silly apparently. It took him another hour or two to come out from under the bed where he went hiding, but once he did, he had snuggles with her again and seemed fine.

So it really sounds like she's fallen in love with him, and is really enjoying having a snuggly cat, and is coming to realise how rewarding it it when you have a shy kitty who starts to come out of their shell

And it sounds to me like Leo is loving having an inside home again with lots of love and good food. Yay!
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Always nice to have a happy ending!
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I am so glad he has found such a loving home home!!
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