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Progress - albeit very very slowly

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Good evening from us all.
Since Jacob and Nishka arrived, I admit they have been hard work. However, its not all in vain and they can be as hard as they like, love will conquor all.
The two of them were in a house, very suspicous death and the cats are both very traumatised. We know that for definate.
Tuesday night we just left them, talking normally, saying their names and every now and then finding them hidden under my recliner and stroking them.
Finally, yesterday evening, we managed to get Nishka to drink and eat some dry stuff as had no interest in wet. No worries. she eventually then used her litter tray and we were settled. Jacob will not eat or drink. I managed to get Nishka out of the hole she hides in under the chair and then fussed her to extasy. This morning, my partner was sat in the quiet and she came out by herself and she ended up being late for work. Nishka wanted attention.
This evening, I got in first and located them. Managed to pick her ladyship up and we had a great love. Let her sit on the window ledge and she went nuts with affection. when my other half came home, she was still on the window ledge with me fussing her and we have developed some trust. Jacob has still not eaten and hes a big cat.
This evening, I managed to get under the recliner and with a finger dipped in water, then rubbed above his nose, he licked and licked and then took it straight off my fingers.
So, we got out some wet food - damned expensive and I managed then to get Jacob out and boy hes heavy. wet nosed, I sat on the floor and we covered him up with a rug that we brought for them. Holding him next to my bare chest, he seemed to come to an understanding. He realised he was not going to be hurt and relaxed. We had 5 minutes together. Nishka on the other hand was now on the windowsill by herself and sprawled out having eaten salmon and shrimps that came in this cat food stuff.
Still not interested though for Jacob. Jacob then shot off behind the settee, so what the heck, I put it in front of him. Sniffed it, not interested. Ok, bite the bullet Kev and dip your fingers in. Sniff, lick,more. More juice and more and more, so I pulled out a shrimp and holding that - he got quickly through it. Some salmon and fish flakes and I spent the best 10 minutes feeding him by hand.
Progress - albeit very slowly and we are thrilled and it takes as long as it takes.
Nishka has just materialised and is sat on my partners lap.
Just when you think you are getting no where .. you move forward in leaps
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Yay! This is so exciting! They'll be happy snuggly critters in no time
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Congratulations! Those kitties are so lucky to have found such a patient gaurdian in you and your partner. A lot of people would have given up by now.

Good job! As you are finding with Nishka, the gratitude will come out in lovey kitty times soon enough.
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heres two from this evening
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They are beautiful!

Sounds like things are working out well and they will learn to be at ease around you in no time Congrats on your new family.
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I'm glad they are showing some progress.
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Alright with your progress!!! Nishka must like the gents so that is way she fell for you so fast. Jacob should come around soon for you too.
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That is great and Jacob trusts you also, to eat from your hand
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Ahh!! They are so beautiful. They look so scared. I hope they settle in quickly.
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Their story is so very sad, yet they have found some light now. What beautiful kitties they are. Again you and your partner have truly been their angels. Bless to you both
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Don't worry kev - you will win him over. He trust Nishka and she trust you, therefore he will trust you soon to. Keep up the love fest!
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Those precious kitties are so lucky to have found you and your partner. Bless you for having the patience and compassion to let them come to you on your terms. It sounds like you've made real progress already. Congrats!
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