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We have 4 girls in our department including myself! Two of the girls called in over 50 days last year... One because she was an alcoholic and ate food raw (She had gallstones and pancreitis (sp) for a few weeks and that was her only excused absense). The other girl has cyclic vomitting syndrome and she missed over 50 days last year and almost 30 so far this year (now she is pregnant and is going to file for disability since she is so sick) her daddy is a high up person at our company, and last year I missed about 20 something days... I had about 10-20 different doc appointments last year (which dont count as absenses), not including procedures, but my illnesses dont get any slack. Nor does me calling in sick. Maybe what I have isnt bad but it feels like it...MVP, Gastritis, Acid Reflux, Bile Reflux, Colonic Inertia, Hiatal Hernia, and a breathing problem that no pulmonary specialist could figure out... All this is fine and well because I still made it to work more than half of the other girls... All three of us girls (the "sick" ones) were not givin a raise! Though over a year ago when we had a different boss, the girl who's father works there (and makes sure she is able to keep her job) she asked for a raise because she just couldnt live off what she was getting... She got a dollar (lucky), yet when I ask its NO way (I pay $300 + a month in gas just to get there). Don't get me wrong when she is at work she is amazing at her job, but rules were bent for her to work there in the first place! At our work you need a high school diploma, well for her it wasn't required cause daddy works there. That seems like a little favoritism to me (keep daddy happy since he is important to the company)... Well hopefully her absenses this far wont affect us come a second time, if we ever get a review/raise (since she is going on disability now)... OMG cuz if it does, my mouth will get me fired that day!
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i don't really have much advice. but when i lived in wisconsin, i knew someone who quit then got unemployment. but the place that you worked at has to ok the unemployment payments if you quit and claim it. but that was in 2002 i think.

i feel for you. i'm a long-term temp in a town where everyone seems to only have temps, not direct hires.
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Trixie, did you ever check your handbook in regards to what you're supposed to be getting, etc?
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Hugs to you hun in this difficult time. I wish you all the best!
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