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Prayers for my Oma please (long)

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I would appreciate some prayers and vibes for my Oma if you have any to spare.

Let me give you a little background. My Oma has always been a strong woman – she has been through a lot in her life. While she was a teen she and her family fled Yugoslavia to Austria with only what they could carry in a little cart during the war – their house had been confiscate for use by Hitler’s army (they were well off until this happened). In Austria she met and married my Opa, had my mom and moved to Canada to follow her sister – she was just checking up on her for her parents – they were then supposed to move to South Africa where my Opa had a job lined up. The fell in love with Canada and stayed. They had 2 more kids, my uncle and then my aunt and lost a baby as well. She always worked when she could, cleaning and taking care of other people. Then 2 months before their 50th anniversary my Opa died. Everything started going downhill from there. He had gone out for a walk one March day and died of a massive heart attack while out. She saw the ambulances rush by but didn’t know why. Then the police came to the door. After – all she could keep saying was “he just didn’t come homeâ€.

Ever since then (about 7 years) she has been going steadily downhill. For the 1st year she was able to stay at her home. Then she was too fearful and moved in with my parents. She had been becoming more and more crippled and terrified of falling (has done it a few times) that she had to go in a home. She now never walks – mostly due to fear. She has a bad heart, and has been having bad headaches. She has now started having trouble speaking. She understands everything that is said to her, but often cannot get words out, or if the do they are in German or Croatian. They took her for a Cat scan and while she doesn’t have a tumour, she has hardening of the arteries that is the early stages of dementia. She knows she is losing herself and that is worse then just us losing her. Please pray that the meds they put her on help her and don’t harm her heart (which we were told they may do).

She has always been there for me - many summers I remember spending the entire summer with her at the cottage. We used to make Christmas cookies together and she always would bake a special cake for my birthday.
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Lots of prayers and positive vibes are speeding Oma's way!
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Oh Ady- I'm sending many prayers!
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for your Oma, and for you and the rest of your family.

Please keep us updated on how she is doing.

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Sending many vibes to your Oma and your family at this time.
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Lots of prayers for your Oma, and for allyour family as you all try to stay strong for her.
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Alles Gute, Oma!
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Of Ady, tons of {{{vibes}}} & anything else I can send you way.
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Bless your Oma and her good heart... and you, for loving her so well.
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Hopefully I will be able to see her this weekend. It gives her such joy to see the kids. I will call my mom and ask if my Oma will be at my sisters tomorrow, if not we will drop by the home 1st before going.

Thanks for all the prayers and vibes - they are appreciated!
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Oma She sounds very special...many prayers for her
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Bless her heart (((((((MEGA HEALTHY VIBES))))))) heading Omas way.
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Many vibes for Oma and your family. I know how hard it is to watch someone you love when they are failing.

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