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Suki pics

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I'm going to be doing some over the next week. I had a few I took but they were a little naff looking, and she kept moving. This is the best one I could get of her.
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What a pretty one Just take pix of her while she's sleepy
This was the Suki, I used to have... Japanese for LOVE, HA! YEAH RIGHT! Is your Suki sweet, or is she mean?

This was the Suki we had... aka the cat I've been referring to as THE CAT FROM H#Ll!Suki Kitten 1

Suki Kitten 2

She's full grown now, we got her when she was about 7 weeks, living with her was like living with a... I dunno untamed lion/ferret thing, I could almost say that I hate that cat, and I don't hate any cats. Don't let her little face fool you, she is a demon, and I don't say this in a nice funny way!

I sure hope yours is nicer!!
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Aw your Suki is lovely Ours is very timid, frightened of everything other than cats, she chases them

Gonna get some more pics of her while she's on the computer desk.
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Those are always cute shots, seeing cats on desks for some reason hehe.

The Suki we had, always seemed to be ok with other cats, but she just had no respect for people. Were not sure but we think she was a barn cat, who knows. She definetly had the attitude of one. I almost needed stitches all over my hand because of a stupid piece of pizza one day when we first had her home... You would have to lock her up so that you could eat. We tried standing up to eat, and she would climb up your body to get to the food and would NOT stop, she would climb you like you were a tree holding a fresh peice of bate. She was insane over posessions/food. She liked to be petted once in a while, but if you did it at the wrong time or tried to trim her nails, she would KILL you.

She stole EVERYTHING, things bigger than herself, and hid them places, mostly under the couch. Even though she's grown up now, she is still like that. We just stopped having anything to do with her, just feed her and that was it, she was CRAZY, and would like dangerously attack you over the littlist things.

So yeah, basically whenever I hear/see the word Suki, it gives me bad vibes! I expect every other thing named Suki to be a demon as well.
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Suki only steals balls of white wool and hides them behind the settee. There's a mountain behind there. Suki loves being petted, she'll sit there for quite some time, but we don't trim her nails, she does that herself with her wooden pole

Oh look another pic of Suki
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She reminds me a little of a foster I had named Ciara Maia (aka Mable). In the face that is, how it's a bit shorter

Only Ciara didn't have any front teeth
Don't mind how she looks, this was when I first got her and she was really sick.

Ciara 1
Ciara 2
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Suki is looking lovely as always BuNN! I love that first pic - almost all you see are those beautiful bright eyes of hers.
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Very beautiful and proud kitty! What a doll!

My Max would lurve her, let me tell you!
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I can relax now. I thought I might have had a Suki withdrawel attack over the weekend. If her pic wasnt posted soon.

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OMG AngelZ00, she's the spitting image of Suki. What a lovely face too

Suki had 5 teeth out last year, so we call her Gummy Girl
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LOL Ciara was a young cat. She was either born with out those teeth, or her adult ones never came in I'm not sure. I think the vet said she was just barely a year old. I only had her because she was thought to be pregnant. But a month and one heat later, we found out other wise and she got a nice perminate home with a lady.
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Suki is So beautiful!!!!
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I just love black cats and those pictures of Suki are beautiful!

Angelz00, I was just wondering, what was Ciara so sick with? In the picture, her eyes look inflammed. It kind of reminds me of how my cat, Midnight's, (now deceased) eyes used to look when she had glaucoma and her eyes would get all infected and pussy.
Poor little Midnight, I miss her!!!
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I'm not really sure what she was sick with. Some lady brought her in as a stray, and had her taken to the vet. The vet gave her eye medication, ear medication and some oral one (I really can't remember, I have so many foster animals coming through here, I can't remember them all.) I'm pretty sure it was just a URI that she had been living with for a LONG time, going uncarred for.

Anyway, I got her like a day or 2 after the lady had taken her off the street and fostered her back to health, I wasn't given any medical records, just told that she was said to be pregnant, I took her back to the vet after she was all healthy for a check up. For like the first 4 or 5 days her eyes were so sticky and crusted over, I'm suprised she could see. When she could open her eyes, it was just every where, she was such a pittiful site, and her breathing sounded like a persian with a horrible cold, lol.
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BuNN, Suki is one beautiful cat! Her eyes are almost hypnotic.
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Aww BuNN!! Great pics!! Suki, is, as always, just GORGEOUS!!
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