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I kiss them mostly on the cheek and their necks. I tend to shy away from their paws and their mouths due to litterbox and the fact that they lick themselves all over. Different strokes, yo!
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Yep kiss my kitties all the time, when I leave for work in the morning and when I come home at night. Even if they are just laying around I kiss the tops of their pretty little heads .
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I kiss Swanie on his nose by putting my nose on his nose. I'll also kiss his furry little head occasionally. Cindy I kiss on the head when she's sleeping, because if I try it when she's up and walking around, she'll think I'm up to something and run from me.
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Nope, I dont.I am allergic to cats and Blaze makes me sneeze just cuddling with her.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Bijou has to have a little lick and suckle every night on my neck before he goes to sleep so I sleep with kitty slobber on me every night.
Mojo does this too! I call it "nuzzling". She's such a doll, as is Bijou!

But yes, I do kiss my kitties. Mainly on the head, cheeks and neck. It's taken 7 years, but Ophelia will finally let me kiss her on top of the head and she doesn't think I'm going to eat her.

Trent gives kisses - he will hold his little (closed) mouth up to ours and that's his kisses. Ginger kisses with headbumps. Ophelia kisses are different for each of us - she will give Daddy little licks on the nose, eyelids, and sometimes lips, but with me if she gets her face within an inch of mine that's kisses. Mojo is a smoocher - she just plain loves to be loved, however she can get it or give it.

Hubby kisses the kitties too.
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Harvey doesn't appreciate being kissed, but I kiss Tailer and Forest all over. In fact, the only way I can get Forest to hold completely still is to give him little kisses on his head. He completely relaxes...that's how I taught him to tolerate being picked up. (He'll never like it, but he at least puts up with it without shredding you to ribbons now.)
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Enzo likes kisses on his cheeks, mostly because then he can rub his scent on me! Leya like's to lick our noises, so we put our noise on hers and she licks us!
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I picked the first three
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Originally Posted by Cairo View Post
I shower my cats with more affection than they probably want. Some of my catless friends are shocked that I let my cats into my bedroom, so I can't imagine what they'd say if they saw how much affection I give them.

It's not like they are really dirty since they are 100% indoors, and get bathed at least twice a month. I kiss my kitties on their cold wet noses and their fur. I lip bite their ears as they both love it. I even let them lick my face. I'm sure a lot of people would think that's gross, but I wonder how many people here are the same.
Yep totally the same!
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I kiss them all on the nose/mouth...Sev's crooked tooth even gets in the way Joey bows his head to me when I say kiss so I can kiss him on the forehead
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I kiss Harry on the forehead and we rub noses lots. So I picked the first two. I can't help it; even my partner who wasn't a previous cat lover gives him kisses!
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I usually just nuzzle the top of his head. Gizmo always responds well to that.
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I'm gulity as charged. They are just so kissable and squishable!
I especially like to kiss their little noses and cheeks and heads
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I kiss all of mine, everyday, everywhere If I ask for a kiss they will lick me on my mouth and everyone that has seen it thinks its absolutely gross Jim accuses Kiko of being my boyfriend.
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Mostly on the head but there was one time...
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Awwwwwwwwww Jan that is PRECIOUS!!!!
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I kiss them all, and Scully will kiss you on the lips on command when you say 'smoochie' too him
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My goodness I kiss my cats goodbye in the morning, doesn't everyone
Sassy loves to get kisses especially on the top of his head. Linus has gotten use to them now and will actually nuzzle my face to get kisses.
Keep in mind cats are the clean freaks of the animal world. We should be more concerned with what they may catch from us then what we would catch from them...
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Of course they get kisses! On the top of the head, on the fur, on the nose, on the paws...

And to be fair, they give me kisses too!
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Oh yeah, we're lovers! Quill loves it when I kiss his head. When he's in a good mood he'll let me kiss his sweet pink lips ... and then the tongue will come out. and maybe he'll nip me on the nose. But usually not. He also likes paw kisses, and when we've done that he likes to pat my face and look into my eyes and just cuddle and then fall asleep.
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Not only do I kiss my kitties, I kiss my doggy too! Right on the lips!

I do have a bumper sticker that says I kiss my dog on the lips too. lol.
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On their heads and noses. Not really the paws, because my girls like to really dig in the box...
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I kiss the tops of their heads, I wont go near their mouth.....thats just kinda creepy for me, sorry LOL. And wet noses gross me out.
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My kitty doesn't have fur!
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All of my kitty's parts are fair game for kisses, EXCEPT the bottoms of their paws and their butts....for obvious reasons
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I kiss Maia all over! She loves kisses, I can do an air kiss at her across the room and she does the double blink as if she caught it! All over but the booty, she can kiss that herself! I always felt it was good for her to allow as much close affection as possible for trust issues, on both sides! That way no one ever gets hurt!
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I kiss Chucky on the bridge of his nose as i wont get fur up my nose
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
All of my kitty's parts are fair game for kisses, EXCEPT the bottoms of their paws and their butts....for obvious reasons
same here, especially with Bumper, he will let you kiss his tummy without bunny kicking, if you kiss his face / head he will nuzzle into you. Scully kisses back so we kinda stopped kissing him on / near the mouth too much because he tries to slip in his tongue... full blown kisses with the kitty is just wrong
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I knew I loved Scully for a reason!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I knew I loved Scully for a reason!
Yeah, he is a character
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