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I need help..

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Well, we got a new kitten. 8 - 12 weeks old, all black, I suspect a little girl. She's a wee bit too fuzzy to tell. I introduced her to my other cats..2 year old males, Tiernan and Asher, and 5 - 6 year old female, Sasha. Asher, is partially outdoors and he tolerates her well. Until she hisses first. Then he runs outside. Sasha, seems okay..she hisses a little, I think it's cause Tiernan hisses, though.

Tiernan is not liking this at ALL. He's highly offended. Highly. He's content to sit there and watch what she does from 10 - 20 feet away. Anything else, he hisses...or..does this "whirr" noise. Now, that was it, up until today. Today he ran into the litter box room. I went to go clean the box, and little Bones (the new kitty), followed me. Tiernan pinned himself to the floor and hissed. At this point, I started petting him, kept telling him he was a good kitty, and that I loved him. I honestly do think he listens to me sometimes. Now, he did fine. Just a little "whirr" on occasion. Bones, had herself backed into a corner about..2 feet away from him. I picked up Tiernan to move him to the living room, to kind of "disengage" whatever was going on. I put him in the living room, petting him, telling him he was a good kitty, that I loved him. Then I went back to clean the litter box. I noticed two little patches of liquid on the floor, where Tiernan was. Then I looked down at my shirt, and there was on there too.

What does this mean? Obviously, nothing good. He's not done anything like that before. And it was a huge puddle of pee, just, two tiny little patches. At the moment, he's sitting under the end table, watching me type.

He's taking this the worst out of all of them. I really wanna keep this kitten, but I don't wanna cause my other baby, and unneeded kinds of..stress or anything else. Any help is much appreciated. This kind of upsets me, that he's taking it this hard. The others act as thought they could adapt..but..he's..I'm not sure..
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Try reading up on this link. It is very helpful in introducing cats

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