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Pheonix and Newt

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Here are a few pictures of my new family members! My son was playing with a ball on the floor and they were fascinated!

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Where in the world is the cuteness warning?!

I am in love with them both, especially little Phenoix!
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Oh my goodness!!! They definitely needed a cuteness warning!!!!!
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what cuties! it's always so much easier doing additions when they're both kittens - look, they already love each other!
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Well, they don't love each other quite yet! Pheonix wants to play with Newt all the time, but Newt hisses and walks away. I just finished giving them both a bath with the same shampoo, so hopefully that will help!
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Two beautiful kitties

Congrats on your new furfamily!
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Too adorable! Love the kitties when they are that small!
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I just love them - especially Newt for me!
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Oh my gosh! What cuties!!!

Don't you just wish they could stay that size forever? hehe

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lol that is very cute
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What two furry cuties!
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They are sooooooooooooo cute...
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Originally Posted by keegen View Post
aww I love it when their eyes go 'square' serious business indeed !

they are a couple of peaches for sure
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