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hes going insane!!!

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ok well i havent been on here in like years but ive been really busy and some stuff has happened then i got a new horse and well yeah. ok but now my cat oscar has been shot with a pellet gun and has had to have stitches and on thursday night he was pulling at them so we had to put a plastic collar on him, thing is he hates it he keeps getting stuck on the door frames etc (it is quite funny but i know he hates it) and now its been on since thursday night but now hes trying to wash himself and he cant because it gets in the way and he keeps like jumping on his back legs and lifting his front feet etc. I was wondering whether to try and persuade mum to take it off for an hour or so but supervise him so he doesnt take out the stitches but we dont know if well be able to get it back on him? also could this thing be causing him pain in the top parts of his body because he has to hold his head a little different sometimes which is causing the rearing up kinda thing and the lifting feet? also hes an outdoor cat which is making it 10x difficult because he hates being in and hes got another 8 days to go yet.
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If he isn't too wild I'd take it off for a little while and keep an eye on him to ensure he doesn't try to pull out the stitches over over-lick the area. Poor fellow. You might also try cutting the collar down a bit (make it less deep) which may make him a bit more comfortable.
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