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my cat

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hello everyone im new im anna
my cat had kittens wk and hlf ago she a very young mum and is doing very well she going out side on her own leaving the kittens for anything from 5 mins to 2 hrs is the normal the kittens are very happy doing well they have open there eyes and are startign to walk around.

thank you for all ya help and hope to get to know you all soon

luv anna
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Congrats on the new litter! We'd love to see pics if you have any!
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If she only leaves them for two hours at a time very infrequently, it's probably okay. If they're opening their eyes and beginning to crawl around this early, I'd say they're developing pretty well! Since they're past the first week of life with flying colors, nursing for heat and energy isn't as crucial, but it's still important. Until they're 3-4 weeks of age, monitor mom and make sure she doesn't stay away any longer than two hours, though I would encourage her to stay more. As long as she doesn't do it too often, they'll probably be just fine. Moms need their self-time too!

When you say she's going outside, do you mean outside her nest, or outside her kittening quarters? If it's to the outdoors, I'd HIGHLY recommend keeping her inside until you can get her spayed. Another member's cat on our site is more than likely experiencing another pregnancy due to the very same thing.. and her kittens are only four weeks old! Just because she has a litter doesn't mean she can't get pregnant again.

To protect the health of your kitty and to prevent another accidental(I presume) pregnancy, keep her inside until the kittens are weaned, and then have her spayed. Otherwise, you could really drain her reserves and she can have problems such as vitamin deficiencies and especially calcium deficiencies which can be fatal.

Best of luck! Congrats on the healthy kittens, and keep your momma inside. =)
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i agree with the above posted , she needs to be kept indoors, also just to add one thing , the other important thing about keeping her indoors at this time is , anything can happen , she could get hurt and not come home etc..
or she could bring home flees to the kittens which then means worms aswell. she could get an infection and pass this onto the kittens.
there are so many good reasons for keeping her indoors at the moment.
good luck and im glad she had a safe delivery.
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ive tryed keeping her in and she just goes out the window she wont use a litter tray she goes out about 3/4 times a day only when the kitten are a sleep
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How about keeping the window closed?
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lol ive done that bout she wont use the litter tray
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Originally Posted by TiffanyL View Post
How about keeping the window closed?
I'd be concerned about her getting pregnant again. I know kittens are cute and all but she really should be spayed asap. It may feel like it but we aren't picking on you... I promise. It's just the everyone here cares about all cats and we hate to see more unnecessary over population.
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yea i understand thank mate but i would love to breed cats wht does every do with there kittens on these sites
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Originally Posted by anna2008 View Post
yea i understand thank mate but i would love to breed cats wht does every do with there kittens on these sites
Most of the members here who keeps cats as pets have them spayed/neutered. If you really want to breed cats then you should do what GK suggested in your other thread and only consider breeding pedigree show cats. Find a breed of cat that you are very passionate about. Then learn learn learn. Learn everything you can about the breed. Find a reputable breeder that can mentor you and help you. I should also mention that breeding for profit is seldom a reality unless your a backyard breeder... and trust me, you don't want that label... it's not a good one.

On the other hand, if you just LOVE cats so much that you want lots of them then again I suggest you consider spay/neutering your cats and rescuing some of the already unwanted cats out there... there are plenty of them looking for a loving furever home.
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If you love cats so much you would get your poor cat spayed, and rescue kittens that are already born at the shelter. Keep your window closed, and keep your cat confined and I guarantee she will start using the litter box. If you want to breed, you need to do it responsibly, with show champions, not domestic cats.
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just a litter box suggeston , have you tried dirt in the box instead of litter? even newspaper can work. try different types she will soon gett he idea.
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Originally Posted by anna2008 View Post
yea i understand thank mate but i would love to breed cats wht does every do with there kittens on these sites
The only time I get pregnant cats is when people dump them on my doorstep, I rescue them from the pound where they are brought to be put down BECAUSE they are pregnant, and from the occasional cat I find outside who is intact and preggers. If they aren't too far along I spay them. I dred the day I am given a pregnant cat, it is such a pain that they weren't just spayed in the first place. Pregnant cats mean I will be keeping them for 3 months with the babies until homes can be found and I can't take in nearly as many. I am up to my elbows in kittens and pregnant cats right now and I have people trying to give me more. It is ridiculous and incredibly sad at how many pregnant cats there are right now, how many kittens and cats are being killed in shelters because no one wants all these kitties.

If you were near me, I would be GRATEFUL for someone to foster pregnant cats for me, to help me care for these that are already pregnant. I am sure a shelter near you or a private rescuer would be the happiest person alive if you offered to foster the pregnant cats or newborn litters or even orphans who have no one else and may risk being killed. I urge you to spay and neuter your cats and help us take care of the cats already out there in DESPERATE need of a loving carinf home, because they haven't had one in the past. Or they did but they were tossed outside and left because they were pregnant or their family was moving...

please don't breed when there are so many already being killed because there are not enough homes.
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i am from the uk it is very diffrent around where i am there is hardly any cats around i dont think its far they way people have a go at me for letting my cat breed at the end of the day it my own chose and dont rhink it far the way u gang up on a new member.
you will all find it hard to get new member if this is the was you treat peopel
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Its not that we gang up, but we just don't like the irresponsible people thinking its ok to keep breeding mixed breed cats. Your cats will be much healthier to be neutered and spayed.

While you think there are not many cats around, you'd be surprised. Take a trip to your local shelters in the area and you'll find out there is NO shortage in cats!

Besides, its not good for a cat under a year to be having kittens nor is it healthy for them to have kittens everytime they come into heat. Please be more responsible and spay/neuter your cats.

If you really want to raise kittens, contact your shelter to foster a pregnant female and raise the kittens till they are 10 weeks old.
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she not under a yr and my mum runs lock cat protecton and they dont get many cats
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Originally Posted by anna2008 View Post
she not under a yr and my mum runs lock cat protecton and they dont get many cats
that is great that they are not overflowing with cats/kittens, maybe if they have room they can phone around a few other rescues and see if they need help in taking on more cats/kittens if your mum can provide the space, im sure that would be very welcomed and would help so many cats.
maybe put the idea across and see how things turn out.
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Awww, kittens <3

I'd love to see some pics <3
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I have to echo the sentiment of others who have posted to this thread. No one is having a "go" at you about spaying or neutering. We have a responsibility on this site, to provide education and honesty to individuals that own cats. Part of responsible pet ownership is spaying and neutering, as it not only reduces the cat over-population problem (which is worldwide, in any locality, country, etc.), but it can also save your pet's life by eliminating the possibility that your pet will die from mammory, ovarian, or uterine cancers. A spayed or neutered pet is also much more calm in his/her demeanor, and more physically and mentally comfortable than an animal with raging hormones.

We have many, many members on this site from various locations across the world, including the UK. I would venture to say that the vast majority of us on The Cat Site advocate spaying and neutering, rather than the incessant breeding of household pet is NOT because we don't love kittens, or because we can't see the joy in raising little ones. It's the realization that statistically, the majority of those little ones grow to be adults who will at some point end up in shelters, are are euthanized by the thousands each day, or who will never again know the meaning of a forever home. This is reason enough NOT to bring more kittens into the world...

Breeding because you love to raise baby kitties, or because they're so cute and fun when they're small, or because you want to witness the miracle of life, etc., are NOT valid reasons why cats should be allowed to reproduce.

I hope you can stick around on TCS and do some more reading on the subject of spaying and neutering, and the pet overpopulation problem...we're a nice bunch of folks on here who just want to help. And like you, we love our cats! We don't deliberately bully people here, and we gain oodles of new members each doesn't take long before you're addicted to this site!

I guess the best advice I can give you, is to not let your nursing queen back outdoors (as she can become pregnant again in just 48 hours of delivering a litter of kittens), and keep her in your home while you do some more reading on spaying and neutering. Please don't contribute to the problem we are facing across the world...there are simply not enough homes for all of the kitties that need one. And by producing more kittens, and homing them, you're depriving one of those great homeless cats and kittens the chance at the same home...

Stick'll like it here!!!
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your comment about the uk not having a over population on cats and kittens is a lie, you need to open your eyes to the problems the uk has, we are over run with kittens just because you dont see them on your street does not mean we dont have a problem most, nearly all rescues are over run with kittens at this time of the year. We are not saying any of this in a nasty way we just all love cats and want to do the best we can but with people still breeding cats for no reason, doing the best for all cats is getting harder my local rescue had to put a litter of 4 week old kittens down yesterday, there was just no room and all the local rescues were full, all needed urgent vet treatment so could not go with a carer THESE KITTENS CAME FROM SOMEONE WHO WANTED TO BREED WHO WHEN REALISED THE KITTENS HAD PROBLEMS GOT RID OF THEM. its very sad to see all these kitten in cages in rescue homes in the UK, so i would advise you to get your cat spayed. also letting her out is very irresponsible if she gets pregnant again now you will be over run with kittens what if mum dies from a second pregnancy can you cope with bottle feeding all these kittens and will you be able to pay for vet visits worming fleaing and any thing else needed. Get your kitten spayed its the best thing for her!!!
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