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Hi, I'm new too

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My name is Andrea and I just adopted a kitten last weekend. I'm so happy to come across this site, I'm sure I'll be here often...

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Hey welcome aboard, you'll have a great time here. All the members are friendly and more than happy to help.
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Welcome to the site and congratulations on the new addition to the family! I assume the kitten's name is Simba from your username. What does he look like? Any cute things he's done yet (I'm sure there are plenty!)? Regale us with cute kitten stories - we love them! LOL Is he your first kitten or are you a kitty veteran?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the Feline Companions forums. There's a ton of knowledge around here. Also, check out the Cat Lounge where we all just hang out and get to know each other. Tons of fun there!
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Welcome Simba's mommy! Hope you can post some pictures so we can see little Simba!
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Simba is 6 weeks old and he is orange and white with fluffy hair. Simba is my first kitten since moving out of my parents house. I have always had cats growing up and just recently lost my Baby(well that was her nickname, she was 22 yrs old). She was tiger striped and my best friend. I had her since I could remember, since I was one years old. My parents also have an older version of Simba, named Rusty and a black cat named Onyx. I have taken tons of pics of Simba and will post one, or two, as well as a pic of my Baby as soon as I get them developed, which should be this weekend!

Cute little story:
Simba is a lot of work, I never knew how much work he would be. At least hes potty trained and eats, which I hear is a good thing for such a baby kitty. I have had to literally baby proof my house. I'm lucky to have the xmas tree still standing even if it does look funny with half the tree decorated with ornaments. Last night he did the funniest thing ever. He was chasing the ceiling fan and tumbling all around... Any of your kittens ever do wacky things like that???

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Aw, Simba sounds like a real cutie!

Wow, 22 years old. Baby was a very well cared for and well loved kitty. I'm sorry for her passing. It must have just broke your heart to lose a friend you've had all your life.

I think we've all baby-proofed our homes to some extent. It's amazing what those little buggers can get into!

The most similar thing my cats did as kittens was chase shadows on the wall. Trent would jump and even run into the wall sometimes when hubby would make hand shadows. Ophelia was smarter than that, though. She jumped at the shadow once, then looked at it and then at hubby's hand. She looked back and forth a few times, then jumped a hubby's hand instead! She figured it out pretty quick for a baby kitty.

PS - I merged your reply with your thread so no one will get confused.
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Hi, Andrea! It sounds as though this will be an interesting Christmas at your house! The first year I was married and had my own house I immediately got two kittens, one black and one white. At Christmas they climbed the tree and knocked down almost every ornament my parents had given us. They had those ornaments for years! I have had cats ever since, but it never happened again. My cats seem to enjoy the Christmas village under the tree now, and are doing no damage.
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I too have a kitty proof tree and well as a kitty proof home. It takes quite a skilled interior designer to have a kitty proofed home that still manages to look like humans live there! You become an expert at stopping potenial hazards! But you learn as you go along.

We have to keep remembering to check all drawers before closing them. They are a fav in this place and my 3 kitties have all been trapped in clothes drawers for extened periods of time. Not too long though, I usually sense that something is not right and it's way too quiet and go check the drawers, the fridge...you name it!

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LOL Narciss, my Pepper does the same thing! We're not used to having a kitty around and he always gets "trapped" in cabinets when we didn't even realize he'd jumped in! You can open a door and blink and in that time he's jumped in without you seeing! But luckily for us he meows LOUD so we always rescue him within a few minutes.
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