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Dental Care.....

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So I had always brought my cat Buster to a clinic every year to get his yearly shots. Well now that he just turned 5 and has horrible bad breath...and yucky teeth, I decided it was about time to have him really checked out by a vet....

Well the vet checked him and everything looks great, she also told me that pets do not need to get vaccinated every year.....which I never heard before! She said every three years was about right, and it is actually unhealthy to get them vaccinated every year, so that was a suprise for me!

She also checked Buster's teeth and said that he needs a dental cleaning really bad, and for his age (5) they should not be this bad. So I asked her how much it would cost and she said between $650-1050! And he would also have to be put to sleep (which I hear is bad for animals)!

So I do not know what to do because this is very expensive, and the visit itself was $100 just to get a check up and a he did need a lukemia shot bc of my sisters cats go outside all the time, since Buster only stays inside....she thought he needed it!

Can anyone help me out!! Jersey vets in my area are so expensive, but I want to treat his teeth if he really needs it!!
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I just went through this with my Misty. She had to have a cleaning and 8!!! extractions. I feel bad now, because she's so much peppier now and eats better, so I imagine her teeth were really bothering her before and I just didn't know it.

In any event, a reputable vet will order blood tests before the cleaning to be sure the pet can handle being put under. I know it's expensive--I too live in a major city and it cost me around $1K--but is it possible for you to do some price comparisons in a smaller city nearby? Or ask for a payment plan/negotiate for a better deal?

I've also heard about not really needing to vaccinate cats every year (if they are indoor only), because some cats can develop cancer at the injection sites.
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The prices they charge you for dental cleaning to me is just absurd and astounding. Our vet charges about $115-$130 depending on their weight and that is including putting them to sleep. If they didn't put them to sleep the procedure would be too tramatic for them.

I would try to find smaller vet clinics that do not charge such a high price. We get their teeth cleaned about every year and a half or so.
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Thanks for the reply. The vet did tell me that she wanted to take the blood work...but when I saw how much it would cost, I kind of just said....umm I am going to have to think about this a little. But she said with how old he is, being put under at a young age is not as bad. And I am sure that Buster is in pain...I would never be able to tell ya no! I was going to look around the area to see if there was anywhere else...but I do not know where to start!! LOL

I know he needs this done...but I am just scared because when I adopted him he was suchhh a scaredy cat, I just dont want this to affect him in that he is scared like when I first got him!
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Most of the time they do fine. You don't always need all the blood work that they try to get you to do either.
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Wow that is really expensive. Lucky had 7 teeth extracted and the anesthesia & extraction was $90. I would keep shopping around.

Good Luck & Welcome to TCS!
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That seems pricey to me. My vet charges in the $200-$300 range. I would call a few other vets in your area to see what they charge.
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i think i paid over $200 (each) for raven and nabu's dentals. we also had full blood panels, an EKG, and blood pressure monitored.
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That seems pretty pricey to me too. Two of my cats, Katie and Claire, have had dental cleanings and it was nowhere near that much. With Katie, it came to around $250, including one extraction and bloodwork because she's a senior kitty. With Claire it was only $125 for a dental cleaning only. Since she's not quite 3, the vet didn't think bloodwork was necessary for her.
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Wow. I wish I could find prices that cheap! When my cat had his teeth cleaned, I got the bloodwork done, teeth cleaning, a molar pulled, and 6 baby teeth pulled out. He also had to stay overnight for a few days because of an infection before hand. The whole thing cost me $370, but that's because the vet gave me a huge deal. He didn't charge me for the overnight stays, or for pulling out the baby teeth. If he did, it would have been much, much higher.
Did the vet mention how many teeth he thought would need to be pulled?
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Fang got his teeth cleaned, two extracted for around 150, or less. Bloodwork is not mandatory. I suggest you find another vet.
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I too would call around. But be sure you know what they are comparing. Did your vet give you a printed estimate? If not, you can request one. Be sure to find out what kinds of anesthetics and pain medicines will be used. Odo's had 2 dentals in the past year to the tune of about $400 each. Each time he had two extractions as well as a cleaning. The vet used some of the safest anesthetics available, since Odo is a senior. Dental cleanings and possible extractions really are very important for your cat's health. The bacteria on their teeth can migrate into the blood stream and cause infections and other problems, including heart disease (just like in people). Your vet sounds like they charge more for most things, so you may want to look around to see if you can find one more reasonably priced.
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They gave me an estimate that was all typed up. The lowest they said it would cost is 650, I mean come on!! But I think it is the area that I am in, you all are so lucky!! I have no idea where to look...I mean I have been looking on the yellow pages online for vets in the area...but they are all so expensive, and I do not know of any clinics near by......this sucks!! But I feel bad if I dont get this done, bc Buster realllly needs it, and he is prob in pain who knows!
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What exactly was on the estimate that made the price so high? If the vet thinks that quite a few extractions are going to be necessary, that could be why the price is so high. If not, that is rediculous.
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