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Is it unhealthy to....

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feed my cats mostly fish flavored wet cat food?

I've read in a couple places that tuna and other fish should only be fed a couple times a week. But does that refer to the fish itself, or fish flavored cat foods?

My cats adore any canned food that is tuna or fish flavored, the stinkier the better Should I limit them? They hate beef flavored catfood, but will tolerate chicken and turkey varieties.
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There are nutritional/medical concerns with feeding fish intended for humans (like canned tuna), and there are different concerns with feeding fishy foods intended for cats (mainly urinary/bladder issues). So yes, there's a difference but there are still some concerns, however....

If they tolerate the fishy cat food, then personally I would continue to feed it. You might *try* to incorporate some wet foods that aren't so fishy (like poultry/fish flavor combos)...but wet cat food is very beneficial so I wouldn't cut it out because of the fish, unless they are having digestive, allergic, or urinary problems because of it.
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I've heard that fishy things aren't recommended because cat's don't go fishing or try to catch fish for eating in the wild, and it's a food that has never really been part of their diet. So I try to avoid fishy flavoured foods.

But in saying that, there's plenty of other stuff in cat food that has never been a part of a cats diet (all the fillers that go in), and there's probably not actually MUCH fish in a can of fish flavoured cat food

It's up to you - if they eat other stuff, great, if they only eat the fish flavoured foods, then it's better they eat that than nothing!
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Ditto to what Beandip said. Canned cat food- including the fishy flavors- is nutritionally balanced for a cat. If your cat seems healthy eating only fishy flavors, I agree that it's fine. Not all cats are sensitive to it. My kitty eats chicken dry food, but only likes fish wets. . We're always trying new things though...the other day he actually accepted a beef/fish flavor and it made me happy
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Thanks everyone!

I'm going to continue with the fishy stuff they love, but I will work in plenty of the turkey and chicken that they are okay with, for variety's sake.

It's funny, I always thought my little piglet kitty would eat anything and everything. I put down some Merrick Cowboy Cookout (beef flavor, basically)--and she sniffed it, backed away slowly, and gave me a dirty look! Ok, I get it, no beef for you.
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IMO yes - cats will get too hooked on fish cat food that they will stop eating other kinds. Too much fish is not healthy. So limit their intake. Will they eat people boiled chicken breast or hamburger? If so, you can add that to the menu if they won't eat the canned beef/chicken.

I raised my kittens/cats on mainly beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and VERY rarely fish. I do get a salmon one now (mixed with beef or chicken) in canned food.
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Fish is fine in moderation .....

since my girl will only eat fish flavored cat food or freshly cooked fish that is what I give her .. her dry is chicken.... I did talk with my vet and her answer was moderation is best but if theyll only eat fish give it ....

PS ... make sure the diet is complete and balenced before adding things like chn breast or hamburger plain in other than as treats ... Single meats that are a part of the whole arent complete and can lead to other issues... Golden feeds a complete dry food with the meat
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Oh yeah, they do get the normal RC dry But they share in a lot of what we are eating too. Moderation is probably the best for anything.
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