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Eating Lead Paint

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I am living in an apartment that has lead paint on the walls and windowsills.
I didn't care when I moved in because I had no worries about people chewing on my walls...
But, now I catch my kitten gnawing on the sills and door stoppers. I tried squirting her with the spray bottle--but I'm not there during the workday and I'm really worried that she'll get sick from the lead in the paint.
What now???
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Welcome to TCS!

First of all, have you tried putting things in front of the wall where the cat is most attracted to? There's ways to 'block' the wall, so it isn't as attractive to the cat.

Do you have a scratching post for the cat? Maybe you could draw his attention to that?

Good luck!
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Yeah...she has a scratch post that she loves to claw at...but then she finds the door stoppers and thinks they are a toy. I bought a spray that is supposed to deter her from scratching CLOTH surfaces...so I tried it on the door stoppers and windowsill--but so far: nothing. It works like a charm for the couch, though.

She chews the windowsill when she is crabby, I think. When she's getting ready to nap on the window she'll start to bite around where she is laying down. Maybe she thinks it's a comfort thing? If it is, then it's an unhealthy comfort thing!

Has anyone tried buying a "Window Perch"? I saw it in the store but figured it wouldn't work because she'll still just got for the sill part of the window.

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