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Pipsqueek Update

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A week ago today I noticed Pipsqueek dashing to the litter every few minutes, attempting to pee and only squeezing out a few drops. I rushed him to the vet that evening. After being poked, prodded and squeezed, he finally gave up about 1/4 cup of bloody urine. X-rays revealed bladder stones formed by acidic urine. So he went on antibiotics, anti-inflamatories and anti-spasmodics and into isolation so I can monitor his output. I am happy to say he is back to his normal output with no more straining. Thank you for all the vibes!

A few years ago his brother formed magnesium crystals so they both went on urinary tract maintenance food. This unfortunately creates an acidic urine.

Pip's diet now consists of a can a day of food mixed with so much water its almost soup. I can only give him a small handful of the dry food. His brother is still getting the dry maintenance food.

Therein lies my dilema! Any suggestions on how to keep them on their individual diets? There is no problem giving Frantic the wet food other than the fact that he doesn't like it! I gave him a half can of food and 3 hours later he had eaten about 1/4 of it! And he is used to "grazing". I put down some dry food before I leave for work and he munches on it all day. He doesn't sit and eat everything.

Any suggestions?
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keep them in different rooms during the day when you are not there?
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
keep them in different rooms during the day when you are not there?
Unfortunately, that would be keeping Pipsqueek in isolation. He's now ready to come out into the rest of the house. They've always had the run of the house.
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I think the first thing I'd try is not leaving the dry food down so that Frantic cannot just generally graze. Then, I'd start feeding him canned food. You might have a lot more success with getting him to eat wet food (which will be easier on you if you can just feed them both wet at the same time), if he's hungry when you present it to him. Mine seem to take a lot better to it if they don't have a constant supply of food down. It made a world of difference with my crew.

Of course, I started this in order to get them all switched over to raw diets, but I also did it with my girls on dry when they need medications and I have to mix it in with their food to administer it.

You may also want to contact Sharky.. I believe she had a baby with urinary tract problems but I don't recall the details. She's got some recipes, I think, that she's been feeding hers with great success? Don't quote me on this, though, as I'm just going from memory and I might be mistaken.
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