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elevated white blood cell count

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I have a 15 month old himalayan that has had 2 urinary tract infections recently, blood tests were done and x-rays to rule out stones and crystals,(all clear) but she has an elevated white blood cell count. They are treating with clavomax and will redo blood tests in 2 weeks but I was wondering if anyone knows if the infections could cause this elevation? Also she is a breeder and although I didn't think she was in heat my male might have got out and may have bred her. What now!....HELP
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To my knowledge, a UTI rarely shows any abnormal signs in bloodwork.

From some googling, it seems that stress can cause an elevation in the white blood cells. There is more info in the first 2 paragraphs on this page (see "Leukocytosis")


As far at the UTIs go, I would suggest asking about different antibiotics...my preference for UTIs is Baytril. I believe Orbax is very similar but I haven't used it. I don't think those are OK for pregnant cats, though.

Another thought is to request a "culture and sensitivity" test on her urine, if that hasn't already been done (it's not standard). That will identify the exact bacteria and the appropriate antibiotic for it.

How are her stools, are they loose? That makes for an easy transfer of bacteria into the urethra, especially in a female - as the opening has little protection.
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Thanks for the info, Could her being in heat cause this? Also will antibiotics harm the fetus if she accidently did get pregnant.
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Yes, I would say being in heat could be stressful. I think a more likely reason for skewed results would be the stress of being at the vet.

Clavamox is not recommended for pregnant cats, however the info says no harm to fetuses has been reported...

Clavamox info

Baytril, although I think it is more effective than Clavamox for UTIs is not recommended for breeding animals at all

Baytril info

Same case with Orbax

Orbax info
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