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My kitty Cleo (the fluffy Calico) has been throwing up all night and into this morning. She doesn't feel feverish and her nose is cold and damp. She has also been drinking water periodically, as usual, and she acts as friendly and lovy as can be. She started throwing up last night at around 8pm (it is now 7:45am). I can't think of anything that she could have eaten, but she now is just throwing up spittle and slober. There is no way to see our regular vet today, which means we would have to take Cleo to the emergency vet and they have the nerve to charge over 250 dollars for a visit, aside from any possible treatment. Any advice, tips, veterinary opinion, whatever would be greatly appreciated!
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If I were you, I would just show up at the regular vets office.

We have used the same vet for 17 years, and I hardly ever call to get Opie seen about. When I do call, I always get in to see the vet the same day.

I hope Cleo gets to feeling better.

Please keep us posted on her.
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I agree with LSUlover. I would either walk in to my regular vet's office, or walk in at another regular vet. The emergency vet here doens't even stay open during the day, as most clinics will accept emergencies on a walk in basis.

When my vet can't squeeze me in right away, they have me drop the cat off for a short time so they can fit an exam in when they can.

I hope she feels better soon. I think going to the vet is essential at this point.
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It sounds like she might have gastritis, or a severe irritation of her stomach lining. My advice would be to withold any food until you can get her checked(if it's within reason). If she's not keeping the water down, you might want to give her an ice cube to lick until you can take her to the vet(if it's within a few hours, anyway). But if she continues retching even after that, then maybe water wouldn't be such a bad idea.. =( The point is to let her stomach settle down and rest, because digestion isn't going to be fun for her if that's what's going on.

As long as she continues to act lively, you probably don't need to take her to the emergency room. Unless she begins to act lethargic or drool excessively, she'll probably be alright until you can take her to the vet.

Agreed with the above--another vet would be a very good idea if yours just can't work!
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Okay.....when I read these posts...I like to learn from them...and have written back to people to see how it went....usually no respose...can you be different and let us know, so we can all learn....what was the final result....or diagnoses..and how is your kitty?

Thanks....awaiting to hear!!!
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