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Can a kitty lose his voice??

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My kitty has lost his voice yesterday. I'm not sure if he's trying to cough up a hairball (I've never witnessed a cat throw up before) or something but he can't speak. I've been massaging his throat and all to see if that helps. Poor guy...I miss his voice. Any ideas what it could be...he's still behaving normally and eating fine. My hubby wants to give it a few days to see if it gets better. Is it just a sore throat? The only thing I could think of was that my kitty had a kitten friend over during Thanksgiving...could he have gotten something. Both kitties are fine health wise and have been fine before and after the visit. If he doesn't feel better in a few days we'll probably get him to the vet on Monday...since we can't get any appointments for the weekend. Should I be terribly alarmed, even tho I already am.
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It could be he just "talked" too much and strained his vocal chords. If he isn't eating or drinking, you may want to get an emergency visit, as kitties dehydrate quickly.
Best of luck and keep us posted.
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So far, he's been eating a little less but stil drinking. I'm not sure if cats tends to eat less in the winter or not. It's very wamr in our apartment so I thought maybe he's just hot and tired like the rest of us are. It seems like his throat is sore tho since he tends to stay away from the dry kibble. Still not sure if I should be alarmed or not...can't even tell if he's throwing up a hairball since he's never had a hairball before.

Do cats really lose their voices?? Laryngitis?
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Jezebel once got very hoarse after meowing for a solid hour, but she recovered by the next morning. Perhaps a call to the vet would be in order.
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I know cats can get some nasty bugs and a trip to the vet would be the best thing for your furbaby.
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