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My Cat Waves... Why?

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Hi All,

My Cat sorta does this wierd wave thing...

Please see URL... she sits in this pose and kinda waves thin air, anyone know why? its pretty amusing to watch, But is she trying to tell me something?


Nick (and Pud)
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maybe she is watching sports?
i dont know but it is funny, she is a very nice looking kitty
oh yea, welcome to the cat site
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How bizarre! I have never seen that before! It almost looks as if she's stretching, but her front feet aren't touching the ground. Is there anything that she's trying to reach? She's very pretty Welcome
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Wow, thanks for the welcome... and the replies already

She does it at anything, she can be outside on a wall, inside on the window sill, she even did it off the top of the TV a few times. She doesnt look at anything specific, she just does it. I just wondered if it was something anyone else had seen, and if she is asking for something.
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maybe she is stretching, i have seen one of my cats just kinda hang over the tv with her front paws hanging down, but not what your kitty is doing. I would bet if she wanted something she would be meowing at you how doing it.
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All I wanna know is how my cat got in YOUR house XD

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she gets around...
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kitty pilates?
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That is hilarious...she's adorable
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She's probably interacting with her invisible friend and you just can't see him/her.
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Probably just one of those cute things cats do....I have one that will chase you around the house when you try to eat a popcicle because he want to lick it....especially the blue ones
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No idea what she's doing but its adorable!

Welcome to TCS!
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Perhaps shes having an out-of-body experience LOL
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Wow.. Guys thanks for the warm welcome and response. My Pud (my cat) is struggling to get through the door due to an over inflated ego right now. She thanks you all for your compliments
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Awww she deserves it! Cats are all gods, ya know I don't know why she does the stretchy thing, but she is a pretty one. Welcome to TCS!
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Cute kitty. My Pepsi doesnt wave exactly but she she does kind of paw at the wall, kind of like she is digging in her litter but shes vertical and there is none! Cats are wonderfully strange!
Welcome x
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Looks to me like she's trying to levitate the fish in the tank...
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Haha That is pretty funny. I would love to see video of her doing that.

And welcome to TCS
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I have taken a video on my phone, im not sure what the quality is like, i will try get it on youtube or something...

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okay.. here is a low quality phone video... enjoy...
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OMG that is wild!! I actually thought from the pic that it was just how you took the pic, but after seeing the video, that is amazing! Now I wonder what shes doing.

Welcome to TCS to you and to your beautiful kitty cat!
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OMG That video is too much...she's got great balance too What a Doll
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well my guess she used to be in the navy in her last life, and she still thinkg she needs to pull on the ropes

or she sould just be trying to change channels on the tv
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Oh, my, that's ADORABLE!! ( *and* inscrutable... ).
Thanks for the video, I couldn't really envision what you meant from the still shot. I've never seen anything like that before...
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Maybe she's trying to fly and just can't quite get the hang of it yet?

Pud is very cute!

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That video is the bomb! Does she do it in front of you, maybe to get your attention from what you are doing? Whatever the reason, it is adorable, makes you giggle along with the rest of us, and is great exercise! Who could ask for more! Doesn't everybody have a tick, some more bizarre then others......... Maia takes her toy of choice next to my roommates door and does flips off his door. Complete spring up, somersault and back spring off his door while tossing her toy in the air Why? Why not!
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Ha ha that is great. I have no clue what your kitty is doing but it is adorable.

Perhaps she sees some sort of light or reflection I dunno but you have a very special kitty indeed.
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