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Friday DT

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It's friday.....it's sunny....and my boss is away for the day. Can it get any better than this????? Oh yeah, I'm going to St-Hubert's for lunch. The BEST chicken around! Yum.....

Have some shopping to do. Gosh, I can't wait for Christmas to arrive. Then I will finally be done and I can go on with my normal day-to-day activities. This shopping thing is tiring me out (NEVER thought I'd ever say that!). I have to plan better in the future. Next year, I'll start shopping in July! (Ya, right....)

Hope you all have a great friday! And an even better week-end!

One last Christmas party for me tomorrow. Hubby's fireman's supper. Then that's all done for the year too.
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MORE PICS! MORE PICS! Hi Ghys - haven't bumped into you around here recently!

We're in the office today. Negotiated the unplowed, unsalted backroads of Hope, NJ. The highway was fine though. We got LOTS of snow - and I didn't get the chance to post it, but I have a great pic of Shelly stalking a chickadee in the birdfeeder on the window - with snow EVERYWHERE. The last time it snowed it was at night, so yesterday was the first time our kitties have seen it snowing!

None of the outside cats appeared until late last night. It's their first experience with "sticking" snow too....

Have a great day!!!!!
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It's cold here today. But not snowing, in fact snow is very rare in London.

Went to coffee with a friend at a baby friendly bookstore and Joshua sat pulling book after book off the shelf, I am now exhausted from picking up books and putting them back on the shelf.

NOw I am going to spend a quiet evening at home watching telly.

Have a good weekend all
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My sister just came over with a really nice Christmas wreath. She is the "Christmas Elf" of the family. I've been so busy with renovations, Christmas decorations have been on the bottom of my to-do list. I figured I wouldn't do anything this Christmas, and save it for next year when we have more time.

Also, I wasn't really going to do anything with my family over Christmas. It's just been so hectic here, and I'm still down over the employment situation. In this house, it just doesn't feel like Christmas. But, my sister convinced me to come over Christmas Eve - she will be having a lobster feast - and I can never say no to that!

We only have a little snow from last weekend. It's mostly melted now,but we're warming up this weekend to a high of 2 degrees. Woohoo!

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Brrr! 2 degrees! it's 34 here and I'm freezing! We're finally done with Vet's for a few days, so maybe I can sleep in! I haven't gotten much sleep the past 2 nights. Boo's slowly settling in, Jorin and Tiger are their normal selves. They don't seem to mind the scent of Boo all over me. Otherwise, not doing much today. Just kind of hanging out.
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Kassandra - did you not get the job? What type of work arre you looking for? I can keep my eye out in the gov't for you if you like.
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Ack, Federal Employee! Better hide all my nude snaps of Hilary Clinton.......

Oops you didn't read that......

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Hey Ady,

I sent you a PM......check your inbox!

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Originally posted by -BuNN-
Ack, Federal Employee! Better hide all my nude snaps of Hilary Clinton.......

I think I'm going to be sick!

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I could have gone forever without THAT mental picture! EEEWWWWWWW!!!!!
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Hey Bill found her attractive, mind you he found a cardboard box attractive. Actually all men are strangly draw to cardboard.
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Originally posted by -BuNN-
Ack, Federal Employee! Better hide all my nude snaps of Hilary Clinton.......

Oops you didn't read that......

CANADIAN fed employee! But please don't show me those pics!
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Hi, all. Well, you wouldn't want to see a picture of me then! I have always thought Hillary was an attractive woman. NOOOOO! Don't throw things, please. I really do.

Yesterday's storm hit at just the wrong time, rush hour, and the temperature was down around 22. So, it was rough on the commuters on the way to Pittsburgh. I was home, looking out the window, myself. We had snow flurries all day today too, so watch out Laurie. It's not over yet. Tomorrow the temperature will hit 38 degrees. I think I'll put the air conditioning back on!

Kassandra, don't worry about spending money. Just try to be cheerful and celebrate the loving spirit of the Holiday. I hope you get a job soon. I know how hard it is when money is short and prospects dim. You'll come through!

Adrienne, please answer the Amazing Race thread. I missed hour two. Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Hi, everyone. We're home from Sin City, safe, well and with money in our pockets.

Rowdy was thrilled to see us but Opie pouted. He perked up when I brought out the Pounce can, though. All is forgiven.

Hope my lion and white tiger pictures turn out.

We're picking up Ike and the new puppy (gotta find a name for her) tomorrow. I'll have to watch Bill, to make sure that he doesn't try to sneak MORE dogs home. He figures that Katey will never miss one, out of 6.

Have a good weekend!
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Hi Cindy!!!

Welcome back. Hope you had a great time!
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I had a good day today. I got a lot of my Christams shopping done, I went out to the mall early and it was nice being able to shop before all the crowds came! Christmas is coming way too fast this year... I still haven't wrapped any presents, done ANY baking, or mailed out any Christmas cards.

EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!! I better get busy!!!!
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