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help,I’m worried about my kitty

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So today I just got chokabo spayed, and it is soo hard, she is in so much pain. I have spayed many kitties, but I have never seen them in this much pain. *sigh* I have even de-clawed kitties with less pain (but no I don’t do that anymore) she just lays there and when I lightly pet her she cries, and when she gets up to walk away she gets up so slowly, and walks in so much pain and she cries. She is acting very withdrawn.
There are many things that I did differently than the norm, so I just need some support. One she is my first long haired cat to be spayed. Maybe they have less pain tolerance. Second I couldn’t do laser surgery so I did traditional because I also took my boy in since he is sick, and it totalled $580.00(and I called everywhere to get the best price, so I don't even know the vet) so laser was not an option at this moment, but I have done traditional before and never had a kitty in so much pain. I'm jsut freaking And last she was in heat. She wouldn’t get out of heat because of the season, she was in heat for a good 3 weeks, and just as things started looking better I said ok lets do it. And the vet said she was very swollen. so they charged me an extra 50 bucks.

Was my vet a butcher or is this normal, do you have any advice for me? at the moment I hate spaying. *flustred*
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anyone? should I take her back to the vet?
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You should probably take her back to the vet and see what he says. You maybe should also get a second opinion, and quickly, unless there is an improvement, because this could be serious. I've never had problems with spaying or neutering but I have heard of problems arising from negligence on the part of the vet so it is possible that he did something wrong or spayed her at the wrong time (you did say she was swollen). When I got my pets spayed or neutered they were usually back to (almost) normal the next day or two.
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I would expect her to be a little sore right after surgery, but not crying in pain. I would definitely take her back to the vet - or another vet for a second opinion. She needs to have her incision checked and get some anti-inflammatory pain medication at the very least.
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At the very least she should have her pain managed. There are some good anti-inflammatories and/or pain meds that would help her a lot (and you too!). I'd definitely take her back to see what's going on. Most cats I've seen have been feeling much better not long after the surgery. It's very odd that she's in so much pain.

$580 seems like a lot for a spay and neuter. Neuters here are less than $100 and we had an emergency spay for pyometra done and it only cost $300 including all treatment. $125 is the price if she hadn' thad pyometra.

Feelin better vibes coming your way!

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