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My cat has pyometra and now is bleeding?

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We took my cat Reeses to the vet when I saw her licking her vaginal area and noticed white stuff there and we got medicine for her. We couldnt get her spayed before because of her heart murmur but now it looks like we are going to have to do it. Her heart murmur is like a 3 in a scale from 1 to 5. Just about 10 minutes ago we put her on the counter to give her her medicine and when she jumped down afterward there was a couple drops of blood. Is this really serious now? I havent seen blood before. Either way we are taking her to the vet tomorrow I just thought I would get an opinion on it from someone. Would it be best to get her spayed tomorrow ASAP?
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I am not sure what to tell you. Spaying is so important, which I assume you know. But, with the heart murmur....is there a vet in the area who is more.....knowledgeable....about heart murmurs? A pyometra can be very dangerous from what I know....but if she is on meds they might not want to spay her yet.

IMO, you're best bet is to call the vet in the morning, tell them she is bleeding & ask if she can be spayed ASAP.
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I agree with Natalie. I would ensure that they have taken her heart condition into consideration so that they take all the special precautions for her spay.

A pyometra spay is more complicated than normal, and doubly complicated because of her heart condition. But I am afraid you have no other option.

From my research, antibiotics are not normally effective for pyometra. The cure is a spay. I believe there are hormone injections that they can give if it is "open" pyometra, which it sounds like it is. The hormones cause contractions and force the contents of the uterus out (the infection, pus, etc). But the process takes some time and would be painful and stressful for her. You're kind of stuck with not many choices, I'm afraid...as she really needs to be spayed. Pyometra is almost certainly fatal without treatment.

There is some more info here


I'm curious, how old is she?
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Get your cat spayed asap.

Because your cat has a heart murmur be sure to pay for any extra monitoring and potentially IV fluids if your vet recommends them. I only say this because if you go to a lower cost place they might not pull out all the stops. The spay can be done, the doctor will just keep your cats condition in mind work faster at getting her down and then back up again. They will have her hooked up to an EKG machine and a pulse oximeter to monitor heart rate and breathing, and your kitty will do just fine.

I mean you can look at it this way, she'll either die from getting spayed, or die from having the pyometra. The odds of her dying during the spay are very, very slim. But the odds of her dying from nasty puss in her uterus are high and that death would be more painful that simply falling asleep and never waking up.

Of course that is if this REALLY IS a pyometra, although even if it isn't you might just bite the bullet and get her spayed so she doesn't potentially get it.

Good luck!
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I hope you have contacted a vet, as if she has pyo and is bleeding, it is getting more serious. I know someone who's dog had a heart murmur, so they said they couldn't spay her, and she developed pyo so had to have an emergency spay, which she recovered from well.
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Yes, you need to talk to the vet first thing in the morning. It will be more involved all around and so expect to be paying at least double then a normal spay.

Our kitty prayers and healing vibes are with you and your girl - keep us informed of how things go
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