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Hide and Seek

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Do you guys play hide and seek with your cats?
Peedoodle and I play this every day. What we do is, he hides behind something, a door or whatever is a good place to hide and when I walk past, he jumps up at me. I will do the same thing to him (he knows it and loves it) Sometimes if I am sitting on the sofa watching tv he will start stalking me (like a cat does when stalking prey) and if I look at him, he will stand real still and I look away, he will start stalking again, he thinks I cannot see him if I look away and then he gets closer and closer and finally he will jump up at me and lick me. He is just too cute. Sometimes we chase each other up and down the hallway. I think he loves to run up and down the hallway because there is no carpet and he likes to slide. Silly sausage! He provides hours of entertainment.
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:laughing: Oh that is so cute!! We don't do the hide and seek thing, but I do get "stalked" on a regular basis!! :laughing:

And its like I say, who needs TV when you have pets?!!??!
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That's so sweet!

I play peekaboo with mine - especially up the stairs (we have a tall stairwell running through all 4 floors). As I walk up the stairs, I'll hang over the rail and pull my head back quickly. The cats love it - they come galloping up the stairs to see where I've gone!
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LOL. My first cat a Maine Coon mix, DC, used to do this alll the time. If I thought really hard about it, I'm sure there was another cat I've had that did it as well.

It was cute sometimes. But other times I had to startle him so that he didn't pounce on me, he had to learn to be gentle, lol.
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HE he , my Inka is also a Main Coon , and she also loves to hide !! See this cute picture of her ...!

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Ninners and I play peek a boo in the office. We also play tag. She chases me and "tags" me on my leg. I turn and chase her.
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Awww, what a cutie.

*cries* I miss my DC, it's not fair!! Stupid parents. Maine Coons are very special to me.

These are like the only 2 out of 3 pix I have of this precious cat.

DC 1

DC 2

I don't have any good ones of him stalking me though, hehe.

I remember since he was black, he would get stepped on all the time in the middle of the night and get hurt. So eventually he learned to make a noise, not a meow but a little "rmm" before we stepped on him.
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