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some infor please

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Pardon my ignorance but......I started feeding a cat that comes around my house a couple weeks ago. Finally was able to get close to it today. I noticed two nipples. Does this mean this is a pregnant female? I have 4 indoor males so I don't have a clue. I was going to try to get it to a vet to get spayed/neutered so I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light.

Thank you,
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If you see the nipples very obviously then it could be a prego female. But all cats have nipples, it could be a boy too. If he was in fact a he and intact, you would notice large testicles when viewing the cat from behind, even at a distance.
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Thanks Jen,
No, we have not noticed large testicles from behind. I know I sound so stupid but I have only been a cat mommy for 2 yrs. As I said previously, I have 4 boys, none of which have nipples. I'm sure I would have noticed that because they get a lot of belly rubs.
On the outdoor cat, she/he allowed me to pet her briefly and as she turned on to her back I noticed the two nipples. There may even be more that I couldn't get a look at because she moved pretty fast. The nipples wern't real big and hanging down, but they were noticeable enough for me to see them when she flipped over.

Thanks for your help. We will concentrate a little more when she/he comes by again.
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If they're noticably pink and pronounced, then it's probably a pregnant female. And all cats have nipples, just like all humans have nipples. They're just harder to find in boys!
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