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Wednesday is the day I take Tal to daycare and today was no different. Once I took him I spent most of the morning dealing with car repair issues I got back home about noon and When Midnight saw me she started to meow loud for her. I played with her alot, rubbed under her chin, stuff she likes and she stopped. She looked for Tal I know and everytime she realized he wasn't here she would come to me and rub up against my leg.

I think she missed her big brother!

Plus, when I take Tal out to potty if Midnight looks like she wants to try and make a run for it I put her in thebathroom until we come back inside. Funny thing is when we are back in, Tal goes directly to the bathroom door and looks at me like are you going to let her out or what? Then when I let her out they nuzzle and start to play!