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Hi Everyone

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I just stopped by to say hig and see how everyone is doing. I am still working at Amex and I love it,except that I am just a temp there. I am trying to get in permanently but currently, there are no positions available for me. Rascal is doing fine. I am trying to get a companion for him. I found five cats living in the pond area of work where ducks and geese swim. Three black and white, one orange and white, and one tortie. There are wild cats and sometimes, people at work leave food for them, but they have competiton with the ducks, geese, and magpies. I would like to know if the cats are fixed, but the area around the pond is all fenced and secured. And I don't know who to talk to. Sometimes I feel like making an anonymos call to either the Humane Society, or the local animal shetler. But I have a feeling they will respond with 'We cant do anything aboutit.

Rascal is big, but very playful. I am trying to get him a companion. Those of you who introduce new cats with resident cats, I see that one thing you suggest is rubbing the new cat with a blanket or towel that the resident cat uses. If I were to adopt a new cat, would it be a good idea to bring a blanket or towel belonging to Rascal and rubbing the new kitty with it so that Rascal will not have a big fuss????

I am a little sad because I am getting dog-hungry. I want to adopt a dog. I know that I have neither money, time, or space. I am not ready to have one, but I am eager to get one sometime in a year or two. I love Rascal, but I love dogs too. I either want a golden retriever or a boxer because they make good companions, easy to train, and great with kids. Boxers are high energy dogs and I need high energy to help me get off my butt!!! Take him to the park, training classes. I am interested in agility. I watch those shows a lot. Even if my dog dosen't win, I am doing it to exercise the dog. Are there agility for mixed breed dogs? I was almost given a dog. One of the men who lived upstairs was going to give me a puppy. He left it inside the car and the puppy was crying. My heart tore up when I heard it and was tempted to take it out of the car and have it sleep in my bed with me. Give him a little of Rascal's food. But I had to refuse the offer to take the pup. I am not ready. He gave the pup to a friend. One day, I will fulfill my dream of owning a dog!

By the way, a couple of houses down from where I live, there are two cats, a black one and a orange and white one. sometimes when I pass by, they are out of the house. The black one is a bit shy, but the orange female, she is a sweetie. Everytime I pass by and she sees me. she would meow at me and run towards me. She purrs and rubs against me. I don't know if she is friendly with everyone or just me. I almost took her home, but she is owned my someone else. Could be a perfect match for Rascal. She lets me pick her up. I never see the owners, so I don't know what her name is, I just called her Baby or Little Girl.
I will be back later to talk more. I have to go to bed now.
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Hi Alicia!

Haven't seen you around lately. Glad to have you drop in.
Hope you end up at Amex on a permanent basis. That would be great!

I don't have much advice for you (re: blanket) but I'm sure others will!I only have Whiskers so I have never had to introduce her to any other animal.

If you are getting dog hungry and can't get one now, have you considered volunteering at a shelter? I know they are always looking for people to walk their pups for them. That would kind of give you some satisfaction until you decide.

Take care!

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Hola, Alicia! It's nice to hear from you. I would make sure you have a fenced in area for a large dog, if I were you. It's so nice when they have a place in which to run. I love big dogs too. I have a large collie. I love to see him have the freedom of the whole yard.

Rubbing the towel over the two animals is a beginning. You will probably want to take things slowly, keeping each cat in a different room at first. Then have them take turns in a cage. Just introduce them very slowly. Don't try to force things. Let them get used to another cat in the house, and make sure Rascal gets petted as much as always. Before you get a dog, make sure it likes cats. You'll get more advice, I'm sure.

I'm glad you like your job, and hope that it becomes full time soon!
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Alicia! Good to see you! I hope you get a companion for Rascal soon! You will have to post pics when you do!
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