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Hi Guys...I have been posting up a storm in the last week regarding my multiple cats, all old and many problems keep coming. I am sure some of you have seen my posts.....

Anyway....my problems with these cats are far more than I have described.

I am 63, semi-retired, with just a little money coming in from a retirement fund, plus my social security.

As everyone my age knows, unless they are married with double income or won the lotto....I am going to have to go back to work....will never know what the word "retirement" means.

My dream would be to stay at home...take care of all these old babies until they go to kitty heaven.....and work at home to earn the little bit I am allowed, according to social security.

I have been to a million (little exageration here) sites and job sites here in Jacksonville, Florida...and so many look like scams.

Anyone have any suggestions? I am a legal secretary (never want to go back to do that, hopefully) compter literate.

I just got high speed on my computer and all I would need is a better printer and fax machine.

Any suggestions as to something (that is not a scam) I could do.

My old babies and myself would so appreciate some suggestions.

Hugs to all of you who are always there for me....especially in the last week....b/c of all of you and your suggestions and help....I have been sleeping better (except for the pile of cats on my bed with me who do not pay rent!!!)

Toomany (Deb)
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No suggestions, but hope you find something soon!

Technically you could be worse...married to a guy that likes to spend, spend, spend, so the BOTH of you never enjoy retirement.

Anyways, good luck!
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Well it appears from your posts that I've seen that you are literate and that your command of the English language is good, and that is borne out by your previous profession - if you're near a higher education college or university there may well be an opportunity to make a little extra income by proof-reading research papers and theses for students. You could put cards up on noticeboards on campus maybe? There is certainly a call for that here in the UK, but I don't know whether it would be relevant where you are, it depends on whether the university authorities allow external proof-reading and whether there is a campus within easy reach.
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do you have retail experience??
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If you're looking for steady income, I can't help, but if you're just looking for extra, then have you looked into companies like Avon, Pampered Chef (I'm a consultant for them), Lia Sophia, etc.? You get to meet new people, have parties, and just have fun.

With Pampered Chef (only mentioning it because it's what I know), you can submit orders electronically, have your own website (for a fee), and handle a lot of things online.

If that's not what you're looking for, then good luck and I hope something comes along!!
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