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Zoey's First Trip To The Vet!

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So today we took Zoey into the vet for her very first appointment, as well as her first car ride, at the ripe old age of 10 weeks!
She cried all the way, the whole 35 miles, tot he vet's office. There are two vets at South Springs; Dr. Blach does our horses, and Dr. Gammel will, from now on, be Zoe's vet. He vaccinated her for FELV, and dewormed her. He also banished her case of ear mites with Ivomec (sp?). She apparantly is too young for her rabies shot... So in 3 weeks, it's back tot he clinic, where she will get a booster for the FELV and her rabies shot, and perhaps another round of ear mite medication. He pulled out about 5 ticks with tweezers- youch! Poor girl!
While there, we picked up a 3-dose package of Frontline, and will apply tomorrow morning or tonight for the fleas and to continue to keep away ticks. The whole thing, vaccinations and all, was only $24.00! I figured it'd be more! Also, the clinic sells Frontline for less than anywhere else I have seen, even online. It was only $28.50 for the 3-dose, surprising for me!
For the rest of the whole 3 hours, she was silent, completely. She slept in her crate the whole time! And now she is still sleeping in my lap!

I would say that was a rather successful first-time vet visit!
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I'd say that was an excellent visit. Bless sweet little Zoey. Sounds like you have a good vet there.

Beware - We took Bijou in the car often for rides when he was little. Now whenever the car door is opened, he jumps in and lays down on the back seat waiting for the road trip. Mika also has travelled well and is often taken for car rides. It makes us happy to have them with us and they seem happy to be included.
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Awww... that is so sweet! Unfortuantely, the only trips we take are to town for groceries and errands, which means we would have to leave her in the car for Wal-Mart, etc. That and overnight trips like ranch rodeos, cowboy poetry gatherings, etc.

Yes, we like both the vets there very much. They are great, you are comfortable around them, they are friendly and kind of country vets. They won't lie to you about what they think, etc. Since we found them we will no longer be taking my dog or kitty to our previous vet we've used for the 2 years we've been here. They charge alot and don't seem very good nor genuinely concerned about the animal.

I was so proud of her! She was a very good girl; she only squealed twice in the vets, when he pulled out the ticks, and only bit the vet once!
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