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Those of you with siblings....

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I'm wondering- for those of you who have multiple siblings....are you particurally close (not on purpose- just becuase) to one sibling in particular. I got to thinking about this the other day. I am EXTREMLY close to my sister Kimmy. I have 3 sisters and 1 step brother and 1 step sister. I do not have anything to do with my step sister as she is into drugs/etc, my step brother is soo busy i rarely ever see him, my oldest sister lives in a different state, and my other sister is literally crazy- when i do see her there is only soooo much i can tolerate ( i'm currently considering trying to get custody of my niece and nephew as she's not taking good care of them but that's for another thread another time.) My sister Kimmy though- she lives very close to Colin and I and i see her and her family just about every single day- and when i don't see her- we talk on the phone instead. We are always hanging out at each others homes/etc and just enjoy each others company. We also worked together last summer at a nursery together and ran the same classroom together. We never fight, we get along soo well...she's one of my best friends in the entire world. It's not that i "choose" to be closer to her than my other siblings- we just are I am soo greatfull though that we have such an awesome relationship- she is the best! Do any of you have a relationship with one of your siblings like that? Or am i the only weirdo
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I'm particulary close to my only brother who is 8 years older than me & lives 9 hours away now.

My sister's hate me. They like to tell me that among other things that must be on here.
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I have an older sis and 2 older brothers and we are all close, I live in KY my brothers live in NY and my sis lives in FL but we all talk and see each other whenever we can...I talk to my sis several times a day and her kids are like my kids
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yes, but it doesn't really count for me. i'm closest to my sister. i also have 2 brothers still living, 1 deceased. i think sisters are closer, in general, to each other, & vice-versa. i'm sure if you asked my brothers, they'd tell you they were closer to each other than to either of us girls!
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I have 2 younger brothers - 19 & 15, and they are both my best friends, I talk to them both daily - many times. When I'm home for visits, we're inseperable.
We all used to hate eachother, but after I moved out, we've become much closer
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After the death of my mother, i can count on one hand, with missing fingers the number of times i have seen my sister. The only time i hear from her on the phone or messenger is when she or her kids are having computer problems.
i hvae gotten to the point that i dont even answer the phone when i see her numbers showing up.
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I was extremely close to my brother that died. We were the closest in age being 2 years apart. He was my best friend. It was VERY tough!

My older sister by 3 years and I did not get along until after my brother died. She has since apologized for treating my brother and I the way that she did, so I guess things are better. She's so busy all the time

My little sister is 15, 10 years younger. We've never really been close mainly due to our age. She also lived with her dad up until he passed away last year. She now lives with my mom, and she sure is diffferent and gets away with more than I did at 15...
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Not really. My brother is 10 years older then me and my sister is 8 years older then me.

They're total opposites as much as I am from them. My brother is settled and trying to adopt. My sister is still single and parties like its 1999; still chasing guys.

My brother lives 30 minutes away and I only see him and my SIL for holidays. We use to be close, but things happen and we reverted back to our old ways. Heck, Fiancee and I have been renting a house for 2 years and my sister (who lives in CO btw) has been to the house more times then my brother or SIL.
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My older adopted sister was my best friend, I was never particularly close to any of my steps or my halves except my baby brother.
Unfortunately, my sister passed away three years ago.
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It's complicated. My brother and I have an "easy" relationship, because I'm 11 years older than he is, and was out of the house when he had just started elementary school. Not too much time to develop rivalries, and the age difference made him look up to me, and me baby him within an inch of his life.

My sister and I are 4 years apart (she's younger...almost 18) and we definitey went through all of the hair-pulling and tattling and Barbie-sabotaging and then made it through all of the angst and the "be more like your sister" thing and we're starting to have a deeper and more rewarding relationship.
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My 18 year old brother and I aren't that close at all..I mean, when we get together we can chat and what not..but 18 year olds aren't even close to their siblings I don't think

My sister hates me lately because I tried to be honest with her
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

My sister hates me lately because I tried to be honest with her
you're a good sis hon- and you did the right thing she'll come around eventually
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I get along fairly well with my brother and two sisters, However I am not particularly close to any of them. I am the baby of the family and my next sibling is 10 years older then I am.
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I have a 10 year old sister and 9 year old brother, not to sound mean but I have absolutley no connection with them, they dont feel like my brother or sister. There rude, spoiled, undisiplined little brats and ive never had a good moment with them lol
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
We never fight, we get along soo well...she's one of my best friends in the entire world. I am soo greatfull though that we have such an awesome relationship- she is the best! Do any of you have a relationship with one of your siblings like that? Or am i the only weirdo
Yes Only after I moved out of the house though, we have been best friends shortly after I moved to go to college, and that remains true today, we have a great & honest relationship.
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I'm extremely close to my oldest sister (11 years older than me). She's always been more of a mother than my mother. My other sister's pretty insane so she's difficult to deal with so I pretty much don't. My brother's very scary so I really stay away from him (and he's in Texas so that's easy).
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I have two half sisters and a step sister close to none since the half are 11 and 13 yrs older and they well had lives when I came around...

step sis and I were close for a few yrs till I moved cross country ...

My two baby sis's there daddy raised me may get close later ... we live in different states but I love them ... they are 12.5 and 15.5 yrs younger
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I would hve loved to have sibling
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I'm absolutely closer to my brother. We talk almost every day. Both siblings are more than 10 yrs older than I am, but you would think my sister was younger the way she carries on...incidently my relationship with big bro has improved even more since I became an adult (more or less) and my relationship with my sister is worse.

I think this is because she is the kind of person who takes anyone else's success as a personal affront. Since I can't talk about anything positive with her, I'm not inclined to talk at all.
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I get along better with one of my sisters, but I think it has more to do with the age gap and where we are with our lives. My younger sister has never had to struggle for anything and just doesn't understand (even though she tries to) when you talk to her about some stuff.

My other sister moved out at 18, had a baby at 19 and pretty much made it all work by herself, we are both a lot more independent compared to my little sister.

My little sister also got into drugs and was expelled from school and sent to a boarding school for 'bad kids' so I think those couple of years apart mean we didn't bond as much
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I have 1 brother who is 5 1/2 years older than me.

We've never been particularly close. There was a couple of years back in the early 1990's where we seemed to actually grow closer and saw each other pretty regularly. He even asked for my help to clean his apartment when he was moving out, which was a first from him!

However, he met a girl in about 1993 or so who has 14 brothers and sisters and they are a very close knit family and she spends a great deal of time with them, and of course because my brother and her live together he goes along with her to all of her family gatherings etc. So between her family, his work, his part time business, them travelling and their own private interests, we don't see or talk to each other very often...rarely in fact.

They live about 10 minute drive from me and I see them maybe once per year...and one time didn't see them at all of 4 years. If we talk on the phone more than 2 times per year we're doing good!

It's actually to a point where I don't care whether I see or talk to him at all anymore. Since I rarely see or talk to him he's a virtual stranger to me and I feel very uncomfortable going to his house. It's like visiting a stranger.

And TBH unless someone mentions the term "brother", most days I don't even think about him at all. So because of that I can't say that I try to foster a sibling relationship with him, because I don't. And neither does he.

However, I do talk to his ex wife frequently, at least one or more times per week and we go shopping and to lunch often. In fact when I first got home from the hospital she was the one who was coming to take me grocery shopping etc and calling to see how I was doing while my brother never called me to even see if I was alive.
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I haven't talked to my two older sisters in years. We just don't get along and it's better that way. My brothers and I are on talking terms but they live so far away its had to get in a conversation.
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Of my 3 living siblings I am closest with my sister but we are not close friends. I was closest with my younger brother but he passed away. As for my older brother I never hear from him and my youngest brother is 14 years younger than me and I see him a few times a year.
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i have a younger sister. we do get along well, just haven't talked a lot in the last month. she's on rotating shifts for her job and lives in the twin cities (minnesota) while i live in eastern iowa.
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I have two older half sisters and one younger sister. My oldest half sister is almost 30 years older than me... and I have never met her. She doesn't live too far away from what I'm told, in fact we're going down to where she lives in about a week and a half for John's family reunion. I could probably look her up, but after 21 years she's had no interest in finding me so why bother? My other half sister is 16 years older than me, and we get along but aren't really close. However, I am extremely close to my niece who will be 14 this year. My younger sister is 10, and we don't get along in the least way. When I was still living at home, she was allowed and encouraged to beat me up on a daily basis... she is a very spoiled child and is very much a bully.
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I have one younger brother that I do not speak to because he is a supreme, class A you know what, and I dislike him INTENSELY.

Some people have asked me why I don't make an effort to reach out to him and the honest truth is, I have in the past, and you can only be ill-treated by someone for so long before you wise up and move on.

My life is better WITHOUT him in it, so that's the way I choose to keep it.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I would hve loved to have sibling
You can have mine! I don't want him!
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I have an older sibling, a sister. Was never close to her as a child (she hated me from the minute I emerged) and we fought like MAD as teens. We are polar opposites about everything under the sun, we don't even look like we came from the same sperm & egg.

Here in our 30's we're still not close. Just not a possibility. No biggie though.
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I am 1 of 7 others. I have 3 older sisters, 1 older brother and 2 younger brothers. (Yes I know, big family.) Since both parents are deceased, I am not really close to any of them. We still talk on an occasion, but not too often. Seems like everyone is always busy w/their own lil families, that we don't have time for each other. They all live here in the same town as I do. But for some strange reason after my parents both died, everyone kind of went their on separate ways! I haven't seen any of them since a year ago this past Christmas, and sometimes I really miss them!
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