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Pet Peeves of your S.O.?

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What are your pet peeves boys and girls?

I'll start...

1) I cant stand that whenever I clean the bathroom top to bottom he trims his facial hair in the sink and doesnt rinse it down (this is done right after I scrubbed the life outta the place)
2) I cant stand that after i vaccum he will clip his fingernails (or the kitties nails) right on the carpet, then he leaves open nail clippers all over the apartment (it's real simple, when you are done put them away)
3) I cant stand the fact that he blows his nose into his hands in the shower (um ewwwww lol that is so gross, kleenex my friend)
4) I cant stand that he smokes (I quit 2 years ago) but at least I get him to blow it out the patio door now
5) I hate that he falls asleep on the couch everynight and when I try to wake him up he cusses me out while sleeping... So I leave him there all night long (until he wakes up and finally comes to bed)

Here are a few I may add more in the mix...
This list could never end
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my 2 biggest pet peeves are....

1. People who can't take no for an answer

2. When I am doing something and I get stuck and ask someone for help and they take over and do it for me, it makes me feel like they think I can't do it myself just cause I asked for a little help
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Those are some pet peeves I have as well

For people in general
1) Liars
2) Fakes
3) Gossips
4) Bad Drivers
5) Massive Ego's
6) Cockiness

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My pet peeves about Mike are:
-He steals the covers during the night, nothing quite like waking up freezing!
-He will obsess about stuff...if something is wrong with his car, I will hear about it for days.
-He drops his dirty clothes at the foot of the bed, the closet & hamper are mere footsteps away.
Aside from the usual pet peeves, some of mine in general are..
-People who don't take pride in their work, or incompetence on the job.
-Children who scream & act up in public places
-Apathetic parents of said children
-People who litter
-Condescending men
The list can go on & on.!
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My only pet peeve with my boyfriend is that he refuses to ever make definate plans! I HATE not having a set schedule!

As for people in general.. people who are deliberately stupid, or take pride in being ignorant really, really bother me.
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Actually I really don't have any. We kinda talked about this very thing as we were dating "what really bugs you the most". For me its the fact that guys roll their socks when taking them off and don't shake them out before putting in the clothes hamper. He tries not to do that and if he does on occasion I don't really mention it.

He doesn't like me repeating things over and over...so I do my best to not keep saying the same things in a conversation (still wind up doing it sometimes). I only do it cause I don't think he heard me the first time.

As far as the clothes on the side of the bed - we both do that and in the morning as I get dressed I'll just pick all of them up
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hummm lets see....

1. He knows EVERYTHING (or so he thinks) and he is always right (silly boy, doesn't he know the ladies always win

2. He's VERY picky about how things are done- loading the dishwasher/etc and things like that- so much so that one day i got soooooo mad at him i told him to do his own dishes (please note i censored out the word i used)
BUT at least he's clean and tidy- i'd rather have him be a bit of a neat freak than be nasty so it's ok.

3. He always tells me how much he doesn't like cats, yet i always catch him giving mine treats and telling them how cute they are

4. How he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body- uhhhhhh! Would it kill him to get my flowers every now and then

5. His inability to pop the question i'll leave it at that. Those are my top 5. But when it comes down to it- reguardless of his quirks i still love him to pieces and wouldn't have him any other way.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Actually I really don't have any. We kinda talked about this very thing as we were dating "what really bugs you the most". For me its the fact that guys roll their socks when taking them off and don't shake them out before putting in the clothes hamper. He tries not to do that and if he does on occasion I don't really mention it.
LOL see I think that is one of my bf's pet peeves towards me... My socks always end up in a bunch, he always tells me i need to unroll them (drives him nuts), he also doesn't like it when I take my pants and underwear off at the same time (to be washed) because then the underwear is stuck inside the pants.... He is so picky about the laundry!
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For my DH
2) Likes to fart while we are out just to watch peoples reactions.
4) Like things done his way
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I don't have many really.... I'm easily annoyed anyway but I let most of it roll... why stress over little things! But some that do grate on me regularly...
-He leaves empty pop cans on the kitchen counter when it only takes an extra second to rinse it and toss it in the recycle.
-Also recycle related... he puts plastic bottles in unrinsed and w/ their lids (which aren't recyclable)
-It also drives me CRAZY when he says "I dontt care" because he never really means it. This happens most often when deciding what to have for dinner which can take over an hour because he says IDC then shoots down all my ideas! Grrrr!
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Originally Posted by ShopCat View Post
-He will obsess about stuff...if something is wrong with his car, I will hear about it for days.
OMG, my DH does that as well! When I mention it to him it's DENY DENY DENY! lol

1. He's definitely a neat freak.
2. He's gotten better about this, but he used to say, "Ok, let's clean up [name area of the house] now!" without ASKING me. Now he says, "Honey, do you think when your show is done, you and I could clean [name area of the house]?" MUCH BETTER!
3. Talks about hillbillies and rednecks negatively, forgetting that my grandma is from Kentucky and my grandfather is from West Virginia and both are self-proclaimed hillbillies and rednecks.
4. Doesn't like to drive and see my parents, even though it takes an hour less than it does to drive and see his.
5. Thinks he's Mr. Fixit, even though he calls his dad to figure something out (during which time I've told him three times how to fix it, and am on my way to do it myself).
6. Can't admit that I definitely know more about cars than he does. lol
7. Omg, penny pincher! I still don't know if we'll be able to get a house next year, even though we both make really good money.

But we love each other very much! lol
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
For my DH
2) Likes to fart while we are out just to watch peoples reactions.
4) Like things done his way
You're subtle!!

My fiance "forgets" a lot about stuff like taking out the garbage.

He leaves his clothes (clean and dirty) all over the place.

He doesn't do stuff right on purpose to get out of doing things!
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LOL! these have been funny to read.

husband peeves: mostly that my hubby hogs the computer.
especially big peeve: hogging the computer then insisting i can't change the tv channel because he's "watching" the show.

that's about it for DH peeves.

in general my peeves are:
-people who invade my personal space bubble (i HATE that)
-bad drivers
-men who ignore or talk down to me
-stupid people
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I only have a few...

1. Not romantic in the least way... he's a sweet guy but just isn't the romantic guy I always dreamed of being with.
2. Always has to have EVERYTHING his way.
3. Not sure how it happens but he manages to pull the sheet out from under us every night to where we're sleeping on just the mattress (I HATE that feeling!) and I frequently wake up freezing because the blankets are on the floor where he's thrown them off in his sleep.
4. Worse than a small child, LOL... you know those labels that say "keep out of reach of children"? Those were specifically made for John I'm sure. He can't have anything in his hand without making a mess.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Actually I really don't have any.
Me either!
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There has to be something you that gets to you at the slightest... I find it impossible that no one can find something!
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Speaking of hogging things... Matt hogs the bed terribly! He's also a compulsive channel flipper. It's not a pet peeve really but I rag on him about it cuz he'll even flip durring the middle of a show. Usually it's comercial breaks but sometimes the impulse is too much and he'll start flipping for no reason.
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My bf hogs the bed and always drapes his body parts over me... Dead weight is not cool! He will put his legs over me all the time, or sometimes I get an elbow in the face. It is abuse sleeping with him! Not to mention we have a constant cover war and he also likes to sleep with his knees bent and eventually his legs fall onto me... I have to struggle to get his freakin limbs off of me! He hogs the bed too and sometimes snores! Oh yeah he likes to swear at people in his dreams too (lol hope its not me he's saying all that too)!
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LO at the sleep issues. We solved the cover issue by keeping two comforters on the bed! We both agree that we need a bigger bed!

I hate alot of his bathrrom habits, including the whiskers, and consistantly forgetting a towel when he showers! Among other "manly"bathroom habits.

He cooks well, but NEVER cleans up after he's done!

Him dangling cat toys over me when I'm sleeping and calling the cats over to "attack"
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I'm pretty easy going, but some stuff that bothers me is how he can never close anything--cabinets, drawers, etc, are all left ajar, and it is SO annoying.. also, he has a tendency to not really clean up messes, like if he makes crumbs on the counter he doesn't even THINK to clean them up.

However, his mom and dad are the SAME WAY in everyway so I understand that it's learned and not a personal attack on me and my way of life, lol.
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Well the background is that both DH and I were married before and there was LOTS of things about the ex's that we hated. So this time around, we found out any problem areas and dealt with them before we signed the papers.

Honestly, we've been married 5 very happy years (still on our honeymoon) and we don't get upset about little things. If something is really bugging us about the other, we address it right away instead of letting it go and it gets worse

Besides there are only 2 rules in life:

1. Dont' sweat the small stuff.

2. Everything is small stuff.

Whenever either of us starts to get upset or worried about things (and its happened a few times) the other one stops it with "what are the 2 rules in life" - and then we repeat it and start giggling and things work out and the crisis is over quickly
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I agree with number 1 but I cant necessarily say number 2 is always accurate. Though it would be nice if it was! Like for example I wouldnt take cheating, beating, lying, etc as small stuff but im sure you agree in the same ways... Im glad to hear there are happy couples out there!
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ROFL.....reading this has made my day My hubby is very easy going and is wonderful to me, but, I have to say that my biggest complaint is that he starts doing something, then gets side-tracked and starts doing something else.....leaving the mess of the first thing he started everywhere! But, I love him; wouldn't have it any other way
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His smoking and his Diet Mt. Dew addiction.

I have about 8 garbage bags of emtpy soda bottles sitting on the enclosed front porch, waiting to be returned. My car (and me) will only fit 2 at a time. Plus when he's done, he just randomly leaves them on the counter.

The smoking thing is also my fault too...when we first moved in together the smoke didn't fill up the apartment. This house does...pretty much if he smokes with the door closed, I can still smell it in the kitchen. I should have never let him smoke inside in the first place.
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1. The WoW addiction... This is driving me crazy. Everything has to be scheduled around it and worse, he's getting really bad tendinitis but won't stop playing! (contemplating telling on him to his doctor tomorrow...)

2. He doesn't listen. See #1 for the main cause. I can only get an conversation out of him if he's away from the house.

Everything else that really bothered me he stopped doing - leaving unrinsed dishes in the sink after eating, inside out bunched up socks, damp towels on the bathroom carpet, muddy boots in the house, etc.
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Ok, after reading a lot of the responses, I do have to say this..

I feel ashamed to admit that I am more like many of the husbands/boyfriends than my husband is.

I'm not great at picking up after myself, I'm a channel flipper to the extreme, I don't always clean after cooking, etc. This is what happens when you're "daddy's little girl" and you have two older brothers around you all the time...you're basically a woman with men's habits, lol.

Poor Brandon!!! I think all my bad habits cancel out his, so I guess he and I are on level ground.
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My pet peeves for my Dh are
He can't fold laundry to save his life. (but being ocd, to me noone can fold it right except me)
He hardly ever talks to me and will talk to his friends for hours if he gets a chance. I try over and over to get a conversation going, and give up because all he does is answer my question and stop talking after that. But if someone calls, he'll be on the phone for hours talking to them about Lord only knows what.
He's a terrible procrastinator too. That makes me bonkers! I can't stand putting things off.
He's basically my opposite. I think that's why we get along so well. He's quiet, a slob, cooks , knows about computers, things like that.
I'm talkative, a clean freak, can't cook ready made meals,have no idea about computers except how to turn them on, and how to get where I want to go.
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I couldn't really think of anything to add to this thread until tonight. Sometimes I think it is funny and other times it annoys me.(this goes both ways).
When I don't hear what he just said and I ask him to repeat it, he doesn't say the same thing. He changes the sentence to the point it has another meaning than his first. He tells me it's not his job to know what he said.

Apparently I only repeat a few select words and not the whole sentence.
It does make for some good jokes after the fact.

We both have pet peeves but we learned how to laugh at them. Although not necessarily when it happens.
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One thing my hubby does that is a pet peeve is to say "hmm" when I ask him to do something and he doesn't want to do it. We've been married 21 years, and he's been doing it the whole time. I call him on it all the time, but he just keeps doing it.
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Isn't it funny it is "pet" peeves and it refers to , hmmmmm, well it seems mostly guys/men/boys/hubbys
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