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Cat teat care.

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Hi, I've noticed that Ginger's teats are dry and somewhat flaky. I've read that pure cocoa butter is best, but I'm not sure where to find it and I would like to know what everyone else has used. I want to make sure she's going to be comfortable when it's time to nurse.
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I just usually leave them be. But when Skye was really sick when I first got her her nipples were cracked and bleeding. So I just took her out and put bag balm on them and kept her out for at least an hour so the kittens would get it in their mouth. It cleared her up about 3 days.
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She hasn't had the babies yet, but some of her teats are cracking, but not bleeding. I'll try to take a picture... it may be best left alone.
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I've always used a bit of vegetable oil on the nipples - feel its safer then cocoa butter Encourages mom to pay more attention and helps soften them up
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