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My family is just plain weird...

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Father's Day is Sunday, right? Just a brief background, my parents are getting their kitchen remodeled and my dad broke his foot last month.

I emailed my mom and my brother last night to start making plans for Father's Day. In the email I asked mom how mobile dad was if the kitchen was going to be unavailable or if we should still plan on having it at their house to avoid moving dad.

I received an email back from my brother who said that he's already been discussing it with mom and that he was having Father's Day because my SIL's parents are coming in the country. He also said that he has to talk with mom, but would let me know the plans later. My first thought: "Ummm WHEN were you going to tell me this?" Actually either of them!!! I talk to my mom about once a week. I saw my SIL a few weeks ago and I don't remember her ever mentioning that her parents were coming this weekend.

Somedays I just feel alienated from them...

Anyone else have a family like this or is it only me?
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My family always made plans without me or just plain behind my back. They did not like my husband at the time, and were so rude about it that they just pretended we did not exist. They always wanted to include our daughter, but not us. They would just casually ask if they could take her for a little while, knowing I never said no when they wanted to spend time with her. I about went through the ceiling when I found out they had exposed her to my brother, whom they knew is a pedophile. He moved away shortly after I threatened to expose him to the town in which he was running for office. Left right in the middle of the election without a word. That really made them mad because even though they knew that about him, they always denied it or even looked the other way because he was their golden boy.
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As a family we have so many issues, I could go on forever about it & end up angry or emotional. We are not very close at all. I have a sister that lives about a 30 minute drive away & we never see each other, & rarely talk on the phone. I've come to realize that I am last on her list of things to do, if I make the list at all. But then again, I don't make much effort, either. We don't have much in common, & there are things I realize as I get older that I'm really not required to put up with anymore, so I don't. I keep to myself, call my Mom on the required holidays throughout the year & that is about it. I am learning to just back away, live my own life & try not to feel guilty about things that I can't change.To try to change it would cause more pain than to just go on with my own life most of the time as if they are not a part of it.
There is a horrible lonliness about the whole situation sometimes. I envy people with big close families, but because of my upbringing I wouldn't feel comfortable being a part of one of those, either, I don't know what to do, or how to act.
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I'm lucky that my family isn't like that... but I'm sorry that yours is, how awful!
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Sounds like my family. My mom moved over an hour away to be closer to my sister and her kids (she was 5 minutes from my house) and they make plans all the time without informing me until the last minute.
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Other than my parents, kids and grandkids, I have very little to do with my family. In the past 18 years, I've only seen my youngest brother 3 times (he spends a lot of time in jail).
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well i have a sister that only calls when stuff is broke, or she will call and say she in on the way over, 10- min before she gets here. Or expects me to take her kids to texas to see her and stay for 2 weeks just to take them back.
hmm yea
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My family could be on Jerry Springer.

Not MY family as in my hubby & kids, but my family as in my mom, dad, and sister and HER family. I steer clear from them and actually feel weird if I hang around them too long.
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Ummmm, my family are a bunch of freaks..like not the good kind either

I know how you feel..
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