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Hello Everybody....

It is the pest again, Toomany, here.

After much thought and talking to the vet....I have come to the conclusion that a lot of things going on with my cats now is the horrible flea infestation I have. I have NEVER had this before....NEVER.

I think they are all getting sick b/c of the fleas....including their poor little skin...red from scratching...and probably some of the "potty" problems from the tape worms which the fleas (who are not paying rent here) have given to them.

So...now...I am going to concentrate on getting rid of these horrible creatures....my cats ARE miserable....and b/c it has only started in the last month, I did not realize the severity of it.

The salt I used only stunned the fleas....so now...it is going to be big time....trying everything.....borax, etc.

I cannot set off a bomb b/c the vet said DO NOT.....

So....here we go......thank God I am not working now....next few weeks are going to be getting rid of these nightmare fleas.

I am praying the Advantage will work...should arrive by the end of the week from Dr. Foster & Smith.

I have never had to use Advantage on my cats....only dog....but vet said it would be okay.

Thanks again everyone....and please pray for me....and I am serious....my patience is wearing thin......my cats come first.....but this is all so stressful.

Enough complaining.....you all make me smile!!!

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I still think you should get the diatomaceous earth to use in conjunction with the Advantage. It isn't terribly expensive, is safe for you and the kitties (providing you get the food grade kind), and will do the job. Mind you, it won't be as fast-acting as the "bomb". I'd put some in my furniture, rugs, even the mattress.
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Okay.....my head is spinning with all I have gone through in the last week....once again, please, for a senile old woman here....where do I get it...and is there a site that tells about it. You apparently swear by it.......and, reading your profile....I trust you and send you hugs.

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you can definitely trust Yosemite, and, for that matter, any of the mods or advisors around here, to give you good, reliable info. just look for the mod/advisor badge next to their names.
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Here is the Wikipedia link for Diatomaceous Earth that will explain what it is and how it works.

Here is another link explaining about DE, and offering it for sale. You canprobably pick it up at a local farm supply store or nursery. I'd definitely check around on the prices. It's not an expensive item, but shipping can boost the cost.

As mentioned, be sure to buy food grade. The only real care needed when using DE is to not allow yourself or your petsto inhale clouds of dust from DE as it can be very irratating to the throat and lungs, especially if anyone suffers from asthma.

It has also been mentioned in the past that if your vacuum is a bagless then use care when vacuuming so as not to clog your filter and burn out motor. It's powdery li8ke a talcum.
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If you can't find DE readily, use Borax (found in the laundry detergent section of the grocery store). Confine your kitties just to rule out any chance of it hurting them altho Borax is perfectly safe, and sprinkle it on the carpets and sofas, under the chairs, sofas, etc. If you have carpet, get a broom and "sweep" it into the carpet so it gets down in there. Leave it over night if possible, then vacuum it up the next morning. I recommended this to a friend last year and it worked like a charm!! You'll have to do it again in a couple of weeks to get the babies that have been born, then maybe again in a couple of weeks just for good measure. I've also heard of people sprinkling Borax on their pets, then brushing and combing it out. I've never tried that, so don't really know how it works.

You can also sprinkle the Borax around the perimeter of your home to help keep out the pests. Another good solution is to apply beneficial nematodes to your yard every 4-6 weeks. These guys (They are microscopic bugs.) eat fleas, grubs, roaches, and other icky bugs. You can do a search for them online and purchase them from many organic nurseries or feed stores.

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Isnt there such a thing as a flea bath?
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Originally Posted by Roimata View Post
Isnt there such a thing as a flea bath?
Yes there are, but the flea shampoos are not all that safe and if they do kill any fleas, it will only be the ones currently on the animal. The rest of them are in the carpets and furnitures and as soon as you or your animal walk by they jump on for a meal.

You really need to get the ones you can't see.
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Ahh true, I didnt think about the ones on the carpet..ect...
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