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So what's on tap for Father's Day weekend?

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Doing anything special for the fathers in your life?

We are going to my sister's place for a BBQ on Saturday and then having John's dad over on Sunday (and maybe John's sister if she is in town). I went out at lunch to buy card (pressies already done) and ended up having to buy 6 cards.

1 for DH from me
1 to him from the kids
1 to my dad from me and DH
1 to my dad from the kids
1 to John's dad from us
1 to John's dad from the kids.

Almost picked John one up from the cats - they actually had one from the cats at the store, but since he said he didn't even want any cards this year I figured 2 was enough.

What will you be doing?
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absolutely nothing! i'll leave it at that.
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We had our father's day dinner last weekend, so that's done. I spent a whole day being chased around and beaten up by two 3 year olds.

This weekend I have a graduation cocktail to attend. Free food and wine. I don't know how many students and profs will be there (probably very few), but it should be great nonetheless. Students and free alcohol usually makes for an interesting mix.
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I have no idea what we're doing! Probably Mom will BBQ. Guess I should ask! But with my step-Dad's new work schedule it might be a late one. Dad lives out of state. Better check to see if I did mail his card already!
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We're driving to Botanical Beach. The tide is very low this time of year and you can walk way out!

There's a little cafe in Port Renfrew that makes these awsome BLTs with homemade bread, and they add scrambled eggs. They are soo good!
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I don't celebrate father's day other than to call my brothers and tell them what great dads they are.
I was going to go to a powwow here but may not be able to depending on how Daphne's spay goes.
Otherwise, cleaning house and laundry .... woohooo!
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Well Mom and Dad are coming early tomorrow afternoon. We are going to pick up a few plants ofr Mom using my wholesaler's discount!! Then to spread the bark mulch if its not too hot. Saturday going for sure to a my Hosta Society's garden walk-maybe swimming?? Grilling out supper over firepit. Sunday give dad my present I put together late this winter a photo album/scrapbook when he was in the Aire Force in the 50's. Haven't got farther than that though.
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I'm giving my dad my old car
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I'm giving my dad my old car
Ummmm, aren't the brakes not working?
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
Ummmm, aren't the brakes not working?
That'd be quite the Fathers Day present!

I wont be home to see my dad for Fathers Day- (I live 2 hrs away), & so I'll be home next weekend to celebrate with him & my family!
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Im going to try and enjoy a week without Ari. She's been staying with her Dad and his family all week! She wont come home till Monday and its driving me crazy! Shes to little to be away from her mommy. But thats what the court decided.
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For my own dad - you couldn't pay me enough to do something for him.

...sorry, impulse reaction when I hear the dad word...

for my FIL - I don't know yet. I'm sure my MIL is planning something... and I would even bet that she told DH what it was... but DH always forgets to tell me the plans. It's like he assumes I know because he told me by telepathy or something And then an hour before we're supposed to be somewhere he says, "aren't you ready to go yet?" Wait.. whaaa?

But it's a crazy weekend since it's also DH's birthday... and DH and my sister share a birthday... wacky eh? So I see a lot of phone calls and presents in my future. Luckily I already bought DH his present months ago (new radio for his car with an Ipod adapter... his radio has been broken for ages) so even though I'm jobless () I should still be able to come up with something for my FIL and my sister
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