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Need long term temp home for my kitties

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I need some help! I love my two kitties dearly (the boy is a short haired tabby and the girl is a spayed long haired persian-like mutt) but I am getting married this summer abroad and then travelling for 6-9 months internationally. I need someone who loves cats (and will keep them happy and safe) to take them for these several months in their house/apartment, starting this July/August.

They are healthy and still have their claws (I think its mean to declaw) and they both act like dogs (he comes when called, she rolls over to have her belly scratched.)

Of course I'd cover teh cost of food/litter plus $100/month for the trouble. I just want them safe (and together!) Do any of you know anybody who would be able to provide them a temporary home? If so, Please email me at hilary@emeta.com

Thank yo for any help!
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i would help you out if i could, but i live in Canada, and
you're in New York? and i think my apartment would be a little bit
too small, (i have 4 cats already) but there are a lot of nice, caring people
on this site, maybe one of them can help or knows someone who can.

best of luck to you & congratulations on your upcoming marriage and vacation/honeymoon.

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Wish I could help, but I'm not able to take in anymore kitties either
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Thanks guys!

I will keep looking; let me know if you know of anybody able to take 2 additional!

I'm in NYC but can really put the cats anywhere (I will fly them) as long as I know they'll be happy.
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Congratulations on the coming wedding! I wish I could help, but I'm really far away (Israel)

I hope you'll find a good home for them. Is there anyone nearby you can find so as to save them the flight?
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That's where we're getting married! Where are you in Israel? We will be in Jerusalem but I have friends all over; my fiance is Israeli (Eytan.)

In case you are still interested in the kitties, I could bring them with and leave them with you! I'm there twice yearly anyway since I have lots of family there.
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Well, is this a small world or what?

Where does Eytan live? Are you going to live here or in the States? You don't have to answer - I'm just being curios...

As for the cats. This is how it goes:

We live in a small 1-bedroom house in a semi-rural area. Our two cats are indoors-outdoors and have a cat flap. We feel that this is best for them as they enjoy the outside and it's pretty safe. I know that lots of people won't let their cats outside so I don't know if this would be suitable for you.

Also, I'm not sure you want to fly them this distance for a temporary home. A local good boarding service may be less stressful than that even if you don't find a temp home.

Anyway, if you're still interested in having them stay with us, please contact me at anne@thecatsite.com.
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I would keep them for you in a heartbeat if you think they would be okay outside. My hubby only permits one cat inside, and thats because he accidentally fell in love with him....otherwise no cats would be allowed in.

I have 11 cats, and they are all well taken care of, I live on a big farm....I would look after and feed your cats for no charge, other than the shipping here and back. But only if you think they would be okay outside. I live in Iowa.
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