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Is this normal??

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Hi my cat Daisy had 4 beautiful kittens 4 weeks ago, when shen had them she went super thin as they do , but now 4 weeks on she looks pregnant again,she is not huge but definatley bigger. She was a very petit cat before she was pregant, she has been out but only for half an hour at a time but didnt think she could get pregnant that soon after birth?Could it be she may just be filling out? She does eat alot!! Thanks for any advice on this .
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If she has four week old kittens, there's no way she's getting bigger without being pregnant. She's eating a lot because she has four mouths to feed, and between two and six more inside of her.

Cats can get pregnant virtually the day they give birth. I'd say she's definately pregnant. My recommendation would be to stop letting her out right away, even after she has this next litter. Don't let her out again until you have her spayed!

--oh, and make sure you're feeding her a VERY good diet formulated for kittens. If she is indeed pregnant, this is going to be a HUGE drain on her--back to back kittens is SO hard. You also might want to feed her a spoonful of plain yoghurt(NO sugar or high fructose corn syrup added) to help her with her calcium.

Keep her inside until you can get her spayed. You also might want to consult a vet about a boosted diet, and also to get her palpated just to make sure. If she wasn't pregnant when you first let her out, she could easily become that way any time you let her out!
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YES she can be pregnant again - IF she is allowed out unsupervised and out of your sight.

If you were right there with her, then no, she's probably just eating a lot.

To be on the safe side, keep her INSIDE at all times (besides she could bring in diseases or fleas/ticks to the kittens) and have her spayed as soon as your vet feels its safe.........before she comes into heat again!
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If she was outside-unsupervised-then yes, she probably is pregnant. She can literally get pregnant the day after she gives birth. So you need to be extremly carefull. I would seriousely think about getting he checked by the vet, though unless you want to bottle feed the kittens, you cant spay abort. If she was pregnant, that would be a really bad situation!
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Thanks ,i think it will unlikely she will be pregnant as i take her out on a lead as she is a house cat but i do leave her while she enjoys the fresh air on a extension connected to the washin line. Was unsure if this soon she could? Obviously she can !!! Hopefully its just because of her eating loads ( which i know she needs) I was just wandering if anyone elses cat had weight gain this soon after ? thanks again all. x
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With my queens they never gained weight while nursing. It is hard to maintain the weight while nursing and many times they lose it for awhile. That's why my queens were fed kitten food - higher calories when nursing.
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all the mums iv had has never gained weight while nursing , the only time any of them gained was once they were spayed when the kittens were 7-8 weeks and about 12 weeks you noticed the weight gains. and healthier fur (in fluffy cats)etc..
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Neither of my girls have gained weight since giving birth 5 & 6 weeks ago. I've never seen a momma cat start gaining weight until after the kittens are no longer nursing.
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My fosters gained weight while nursing. Skye was very very malnurished though so I dont think that counts. If she hadnt been able to gain weight we would have seperated her from the kittens. Shes still pretty thin now. Needs to gain at least another pound. Calamity was pregnant we just did a spay abort yesterday. She had 6 almost totally developed fetuses. But it was for the best. So I would say unless she was really really sick before that shes probably pregnant again. You really need to keep her inside.
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i know this is way of topic , but since you brought it up , how is Calamity recoverying?
was she in bad health i take it?
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A malnourished cat is probably the only cat that will gain weight while nursing. Any other cat is more than likely pregnant. High-tail it to the vet!

Edit: Oh, and unfortunately I don't think you'll be able to get her spayed to abort the current pregnancy she's in. Since she still has nursing kittens, she's more than likely going to have to go through with this second litter.

Don't let her outside anymore!
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she can have the spay abort as it would be worse for her to carry on with a second litter , the kittens are 4 weeks old now soon to be starting weening, if the vet does say she is still very early in her pregnancy maybe wait another week then get her spayed, her milk should stay for a few more weeks.
saying that , not everyone is for spay/aborts depending on situation etc.. do keep us updated on how things go. and good luck.
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Thanks for your advice all. I not going to let her out on her lead anymore but i think i would of seen a tom around her as she can only wonder around a enclosed garden!!! Also i think i would of heard them at it as its not a quiet thing!!!Weather it could be that she looks so well ,her fur looks glossy and she seems very content. She is also heavier, could that be the milk ?I really hope she isnt cause that would upset me to put her though it all again but hopefully with her only in the garden she wont be.I will let you all know how she is doing. Her babies are also doing very well , all eating and using the litter box .Playing, fighting and being very mischieves. I will up date on pics soon.
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IMO I'd schedule a visit with the vet to find out one way or another. If she IS pregnant again, it will be very hard on her nursing kittens while pregnant with another set and the 2nd set could die or have lots of problems - not to mention the toll on mom cat.

BTW NOT all matings are noisy! One of my rex queens was a silent breeder. She didn't call (voice) very much and she NEVER screamed after being bred. The breeder was not even sure if she took. She had never had a queen that enjoyed mating There was the normal rolling after mating but no talking
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