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Interesting addendum to the fat and marijuana threads

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This is a new drug in trials that is basically a cannabinoid receptor blocker, meaning it won't make you high, and at physiological baseline, is theorized to block the munchies (which we fat people know we can get at any time).

I also found it interesting that blocking this receptor can cause depression... messing with brain neurotransmitters is always risky business, but we are learning a lot about how complex the behavior of eating is for a lot of people in the process.

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On the diet pill theard someone mentioned another diet drug. I checked it out and it blocks serotonin and another chemical. This would so not work well for me.
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Meridia is a drug that is like an SSRI, I think that is what you are referring to.

This drug is a CB1 blocker, a cannabinaoid receptor blocker.
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says it blocks the re-uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. I already have issues with depression I do not need something that will stop the uptake of serotonin. The meds I take (off and on)for depression increase my serotonin levels.
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Yes, I am fully aware of how SSRIs work. Meridia, although not chemically an SSRI (doesn't have the same chemical structure), acts as one in the long-run, atlhough you won't see it being called an SSRI. An SSRI, such as the meds you are on, block the reuptake of seratonin, causing more seratonin available in the synapses of the brain (thus eventually INCREASING seratonin levels). It might not make sense, but if you think about it, it will. SSRI stands for "selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor."

However, rimonabant does not DIRECTLY affect seratonin or norepi. Where did you get this? Did I link the wrong article? I believe the article even mentions that this drug "blocks the munchies." I heard about this drug several years back when the idea was being kicked around. I'm fairly familiar with most neuropharmacology research. I'm no doc, but it was my favorite class(es) and I continue to keep up with current research and development.
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In fact, I vaguely remember this drug being tried for smoking cessation too... of cigarettes, not marijuana. I wonder if it could be used for marijuana abusers, though... but the endocannabinoid system is so complex that I doubt blocking one type of CB receptor will diminish some portions of the high that much, I'm sure some effects would still be seen.
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Sorry about that. No I was talking about the other drug.
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Ah. From what I've read and seen anyway, Meridia isn't all that effective for losing weight. It has more success for patients who fail first-line anti-depressive therapies than for weight loss.
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well, speaking from personal experience, i don't have to be hungry to get 'the munchies'. that's 'head hunger' a desire for the taste/texture/flavor of food for the chemical & emotional satisfaction that having it in my mouth brings. i know from my obesity board that i'm not alone in this - we all fight 'head hunger' - desire for something we don't need, when we're not even hungry. for most of us on that board [it's a board for people who have had weight-loss surgery] it's one of the biggest battles we face. often the surgery prevents a person from ever eating sugar again, due to a physical reaction. those who have that reaction feel fortunate, as they no longer have to rely on willpower. because chocolate melts at body temperature, it doesn't cause a problem with the restrictive part of the surgery.
i'd hesitate to take anything that might cause depression - most obese people are unhappy enough with the physical problems their weight brings. i'm talking morbid obesity, mind you, not just 30, 40 pounds overweight.
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