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Please Wish My Son Good Luck!

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He has a strong mechnical aptitude and he has wanted a career in the computer field for a very long time. The other day he told me he was applying for admission to the U of M and hoping to be accepted into their four year computer science program. I will be so proud of him if his application is accepted.
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You sound like such a proud Mom! I truly wish the best for him. I'm sure he will get accepted and will make his parents so proud of him! It sounds like he's got very supportive parents and that with in it's self will help him tremendiously.
Best wishes,
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Oh that is so great that he wants to do this!!!! I will say a little prayer for him that he will get accepted!! Please let us know!!!!
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With your support I know he will make it!
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It seems that he gets a lot of encouragement from you, and that so important. I wish him much luck. I know you must be very proud of him!
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Lorie I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. I think ambition should be rewarded, and I hope he gets his place at university.
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Good luck, he'll make you proud
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Fingers, toes and legs crossed for him!
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Sending best wishes, whatever good luck can be mustered, and lots of prayers!

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Wishing him the best of luck!! I know he'll make it.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thanks, I post an update as soon as I find out whether or not my son has been admitted to the University.
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A little late on this, but best of luck to him! I'm sure he'll make you even more proud than you already are.
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