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Work dumped me.....

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I work for a huge retail chain. well did. i was called into the bosses office last week. They told me basically they are getting rid of my available hours, and unless i wanted to work overnight and weekend nights, i need to find a new position in the company ( aka take a pay cut and hour cut) or find a new job. last friday was my last official day on the clock. they never got rid of me, jsut give me no hours. I have been there 3 years, but i guess there is no loyality in business anymore.

so off to unemployment i go till i find something bigger and better.. never had unemployment before, so all this is new.
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Man!! that sucks!! what the heck is wrong with employers these days?? good luck finding a new job.

on a side note BOY am I glad I'm union!
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That's terrible! I'm sorry! I hope you can find something else you like soon!
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Sorry to hear that Some employers can be total jerks!

I hope you can find something else soon.
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What a horrible way to be treated! Good luck in the job market!
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That's terrible!

TCS Member #2 today.

Good luck looking for a new job.
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That's horrible!!!! Make sure you enjoy the time at home - relax, give the kitties lots of love, and do all those things you haven't had time for
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Thats awful! Unemployment isn't so bad, depending on your pay you recieved @ your job.
Best of luck to you!
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that really sucks.

unemployment isn't so bad. DH was on it when i met him due to the yearly lay off at the company he worked at. every year they laid off a bunch of people for part of the year.
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People are so insensitive. And companies are worse. Good luck int he job hunt.
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Must be the day for it! I'll be figuring out unemployment too now. Hope you find something soon!
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awww hon i'm soo sorry lots of vibes that something good comes your way soon though! Hang in there!!((vibes))
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