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Health question.....

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I have a tuxedo feral I've been taking care of for years. He became scared about 5 years ago because of an Alpha cat that creeped into the neighborhood. He ran away for 2 years. We thought he had died. When he appeared on our deck 2 years later, he was all WHITE. You couldn't see where the black ended and the white started.

I fed him homemade food, and 8 mos later, he again turned black, then he started getting grey again. Now he is mostly light brown, except his head, feet and tail.

My thought is that he got into some type of poison when he ran away. I did manage to get him to the vet to get fixed when he came back, and they did labs on him and his liver showed elevated enzymes. We haven't been able to get him back.

I was wondering what anyone might think I can try to help him to get better.
I tried DMG, which started him turning black, but it is so very expensive. Because the DMG changed his fur color to black again, this leads me to believe this is an autoimmune condition of some sort.

Otherwise, he is bright, holds his territory, and eats well. I've been giving him Wellness and PetGuard. No wheat fillers.

Any suggestions?
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YES get him to a vet ... he could have "fever coat" ... or something worse
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I had him to the vet since for a rabies shot. The doc didn't want to try to get blood. He went nuts. You have no idea how difficult it was to get him fixed. After antesthesia, he was still banging against the walls. Had to give him a double dose.
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