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Wooden scratch post holder?

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Hey folks,

I've been using the carboard cat scrather things (i.e. wihiskercity or "alpine" cat scratchers) and the cats love them. But, I'm not thrilled with the looks of the cardboard holders, plus I've been having the weight them down (with rocks and bricks inside the carboard holders) to keep my cat from moving them around when scratching.

Has anyone ever seen a wooden cardboard insert holder that's at an angle (similar to the alpine scratchers)? I'd really like to get a better looking holder, plus, hopefully with the heavier wood and it maybe having "legs" would keep it from sliding around.

It may sound odd, but I was watching the dvd that the shelter gave us when we adopted Toby and in their shots of cat scratchers, they had a wooden holder at an angle, a verticle wooden holder, etc (of course, they could have had them made for the show, but I doubt it).

p.s. here is a plastic scratching post that might work ok and doesn't look so tacky, but has anyone tried it? I'm not sure if it will be long enough for my 14lb cat. http://www.amazon.com/Omega-Paw-SBE-...1748702&sr=1-1
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I screw mine to the wall.
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Thanks for your reply.
I might end up doing that, but I move the posts around a good bit, so I'll have to pick a permanant location first.
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I'm not exactly sure what type of cat post your are looking for.There are a lot of wooden post available here's a few you might be interested in.






Those where all I could find hope you find what your looking for, best of luck hun.
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Thanks for your help!
I think the ones down at the bottom of the page in this link you posted are exactly the ones in the video! Thanks! I'll have to save up some $$, but hopefully I'll be able to get some classier looking scratching furniture. http://www.catclaws.com/cat-scratching-pads.php

Thanks again!
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felinedesign.net has a wooden sisal scratcher that can be propped against at wall...
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